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Cost of Kathmandu to Chitwan by Car

Chitwan, which is home to Chitwan National Park, is a wonderful place and a major tourist attraction in Nepal. You can start the epic journey either airways or roadways. You will have plenty of options to choose from according to your preference. The cost of Kathmandu to Chitwan by a car is reasonable.

You can use the service of private cars for your lavish experience on the trip from Kathmandu to Chitwan. You can enjoy road travel via branded cars like Toyota, Kia, Mercedes Benz, Ford, and Skoda.

The cars have the capacity for 3 to 4 persons. So, you will have plenty of space to rest and enjoy the natural beauty. The private car leaves at 7:00 am so you need to arrive at the stop 30 minutes before the departure time. Or, you will have option for picking up from your hotel.

The adventurous trip from Kathmandu to Chitwan lasts for 5-7 hours. However, it will be a comfortable journey as you will have the facility of multimedia and air condition.

Typically, hiring a private car from Kathmandu to Chitwan will cost around you around $85-$100. However, if you start your journey at 12pm -1pm during the daytime, the cost of hiring a car will be extra $25.

Car is cheaper means than an airplane to travel to Chitwan from Kathmandu. However, the cost may increase upon the capacity and model of the car. Besides, it is fairly a better option as you will enjoy the panoramic travel with your family and friends.