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Adventure Great Himalaya Social Work

Adventure Great Himalaya is a professional trekking company in Nepal who has been organizing great holidays in Nepal since decades. On the process of organizing trips, tours, treks, and other social works in Nepal, we came to meet with several remote communities. The hardships for living in many places drew our attention. And then, we decided to serve such communities financially.

We have been organizing many social work campaigns in different places in Nepal. The 5-10% of our earning, we donate for the social works and social welfare. We provide funding for the betterment of health, education, or several other sectors. Our company helps the orphans, poor families, and the sufferers of natural calamities like flooding in Terai. We visit different places, observe the necessities at the place and organize several programs for donations and social works.

Our Supporting  & Help

1,  We Support to Bhakti , A Victim of Cancer.

Mrs. Bhakti Karki is a cancer patient from Dhading, Nepal. She has been a victim of cancer for two years. For the first year of her treatment, the Nepal government assisted her. But since after then, we have been providing her economic assistance for a year now. She needs to pay Rs. 5000 to the hospital for her treatment and medicines.

We have been arranging and providing donations to her. If you are interested in helping her, you can send the donations. We promise to circulate your donations so that it will be helpful for poor people and communities.