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Accommodation In Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trek Accommodation

Embarking on the Mardi Himal Trek’s magical journey not only includes you getting indulged in nature and its beauty; but also finding comfort after each day filled with adventure. Accommodation in Mardi Himal Trek provides you with just the comfort! Resting in the heart of the Annapurna region of Nepal, this trek offers you a journey with the perfect blend of nature’s elegance and serene mountains, lodging close to the environment and redefining the meaning of appreciating the simplest treasures in life. Complementing the remoteness of this trek, the accommodation during the trek defines simplicity at its best.


The infamous Annapurna region trails are known for their cozy teahouse lodge accommodation, the same way for Mardi Himal Trek. After a long day of trekking and exploring the newness that the trails offer, it is equally important for your mind and body to refresh and restore themselves for the journey ahead. Keeping that in mind, your accommodation during the Mardi Himal Trek highlights


Accommodation In  Deurali ( The first night Trekking)

The journey of the Mardi Himal Trek begins at the delightful village of Deurali, located at an altitude of 2,100m. This pleasant Gurung village is known for its majestic view of the Himalayas; providing you a place to rest and relax.

Overnight in the village of Deurali gives you a hint of the journey that awaits you, a touch of local life, warm hospitality, and calming nature. Mainly run by locals in the area, there are 8 lodges in Deurali, all providing you with comforting space for the night with basic amenities. The rooms have 2 to 3 beds and have no private bathroom. The lodges here have Wi-Fi services.

A perfect blend of comfort, natural beauty and warm hospitality is something you can experience from your night in Deurali. Whether you’re fascinated by natural beauty and spending the night amidst the mountains, or longing to relish local cuisine, the night in Deurali is sure to amaze you!

The best Lodge in Deurali
Nice View Lodge And Restaurant:
Trekkers Inn Lodge:


Accommodation in  Forest Camp ( Second  Night trekking)

By the end of the second day of our trek, we’ll stay overnight at the peaceful Forest Camp located at an altitude of 3,210m. The accommodation at Forest Camp provides us with a comforting space in the lap of the Himalayas, embracing the simplicity of the rural region. As we rest amidst nature’s beauty, the teahouse lodges provide us with clean and homey rooms.

There are seven lodges in Forest Camp run by the locals in the area and are solely made for the purpose of providing a comforting stay whereby, the rooms have no private bathroom and each room has two to three beds.

The cost of the room ranges from USD 5 to 15,  depending on the season. For an additional USD 3 per head, bucket showers can be made available. Wi-Fi facility is available at the forest camp region.

Allowing us to disconnect from the outer world and rejoice in the calmness of nature, the rustic charm of the mountains, and beauty in simplicity; our stay at Forest Camp helps us recharge for the coming day.

  The  Lodge people like

Hotel Forest Camp And Restaurant:
Hotel Mardi And Restaurant:
Hotel Green View And Restaurant:


Accommodation in  High Camp ( 3rd Night of Mardi himal Trek)

The end of the third day of our trek takes us to High Camp, located at an altitude of 3,900m to stay the night. Resting at a higher altitude than the Forest Camp, the third night brings us closer and deeper into nature. Totally disconnected from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, we indulge ourselves in the beauty of nature and simple living.

There are 14 lodges in High Camp, providing us with clean and cozy rooms to stay the night, whereby the rooms will not have private bathrooms similar to the rooms at Forest Camp. Moreover, complementing the remote serenity of the altitude, the lodges at High Camp will not have access to Wi-Fi.

Spending the night surrounded by the giant snow-capped mountains of the infamous Annapurna region, under clear stars shining in the night, sharing your lifetime experiences with fellow trekkers, soaking in the calmness in the middle of nowhere and collecting emotions to share back home; this night will truly leave you with the memory of a lifetime!

Suggested Lodge in High camp

Hotel Fishtail And Restaurant
Hotel High Camp And Restaurant:
Hotel Trekker’s Paradise And Restaurant:


Accommodation In  Badal Danda -4th Night of  Trekking

As you rest from a day full of trekking and exploring, you’ll find comfort in the simple living of the Himalayas. Badal Danda, located at an altitude of 3,210m, is another well-known place for its picturesque village, warm hospitality and stunning views.

Imagine waking up to breathtaking views of sunrise through the Himalayan ranges right in front of your window, that’s Badal Danda for you! There are 5 currently five lodges in Badal Danda and the lodges there have a cozy ambiance providing you with a safe and comfortable place to stay. The rooms are simple and are filled with basic amenities like the ones mentioned previously, while Wi-Fi is available here.

Uninterrupted serenity is something you can expect from your overnight stay at the Badal Danda.


Although the accommodation in Mardi Himal Trek might be simpler than our everyday standard, that’s where the beauty of remote serenity lies. Our stay helps us connect more to nature, to ourselves, the environment, and the people around us. The most deeply felt beauty of simplicity lies in connecting to yourself and your own moments of reflection amidst the stillness in nature. The stories you gather along the way, the locals you interact with to know their perspective on life, the fellow trekkers you connect to in a unique way, and the simple life that you live disconnected from all the hubbub back in the city; are what makes your trek unforgettable in a meaningful way!


As much as it is about amazing views and people you meet, this trek is also about escaping the everyday rush and feeling the stillness in nature. More than accommodation, what you will surely remember after returning from this memorable experience is starry peaceful nights under the Himalayan sky. The exclusive Mardi Himal Trek is more of a series of steps, each unfolding a new remarkable experience. From peaceful walks in the forests to breathtaking views, every aspect of this journey enhances your experience. Along with trek experience and achievements, you carry back home your wisdom of simple living.


Our team of professionals at Adventure Great Himalayas is here to welcome you open-heartedly to join us on this journey, promising memories that will last you a lifetime. Create your once-in-a-lifetime experiences with us!

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