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Hiking In Nepal

Hiking In Nepal

Hiking In Nepal

“  a perfect blend with rural country villages-mountains and serene green forest in tranquility”

 Hiking In Nepal  is a perfect way to lose oneself, to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life into complete tranquility of natural surrounding for few days.

Nepal is a country which is rich in natural and cultural wealth. With a great many destinations to choose from, Nepal allows tourists of different interests to choose their travel options. Among such option, hiking is also a popular one. While hiking, an individual has to walk around 4-5 hours or less in a day. These trips are generally suitable for people who want to experience what Nepal has to offer with relative ease.

Nepal is not just naturally rich but it also has many places which are culturally prosperous. Kathmandu valley is one such example where the travelers can enjoy both nature and culturally significant sites at once. Nagarkot, Chisapani, Nagarjun, Dhulikhel, and Shivapuri are the most famous destinations or hiking. These trips take you to naturally affluent places while also allowing the travelers to enjoy the culture and tradition of these places. Also, a common characteristic of these hiking destinations is that they are close to a city or Kathmandu, to be exact. This not only helps the hikers to enjoy the scenic displays but also allows for better transportation and accommodation.

Hiking is a great travel option if a person is bound by a time limit but wants to enjoy beautiful Nepal. With most of the hiking destinations lying close to a major city, the experience can be even better with easy accessibility while not missing out on modern luxuries. One can easily be in touch to the modern world with their stay in cities. Hiking is suitable for children and elderly people who might have difficulty in traveling longer and difficult trails.

Adventure Great Himalaya Company offers wide range of country Hiking tours from a day to two or more for few days, where you can enjoy mountain scenery with rural traditional villages and rolling hills and walking into pristine forest trail.Our short country walks and hikes involves short ups and downhill’s with gradual moderate trails offering tremendous views of Himalayan peaks in the comfort of mountain and hills nice lodges.
This will be a good introduction before your major trekking or just relax and feel the pure fresh mountain air.

If you have more than an week holiday in Nepal, you might interested to trekking in Nepal . The Trekking means hiking , walking  to base camp of Himalayas.

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