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Customer Centrist Service

 We believe in constant growth, which is why we are in constant contact with our travelers to understand what they want out of our service. Our itineraries and way of working have all been customized to suit our client’s preferences. This attention to our customers’ needs has prompted us to introduce variety and options in the trips we offer. Moreover, we maintain contact with you before, while and after your travels to weigh in on your experience. Our growth-oriented approach has helped us to never settle, constantly bettering ourselves for you every time.

Varied Options

Travel introduces freedom but one can only truly enjoy this if they have options. At Adventure Great Himalaya we make sure you have plenty of travel experiences to choose from to craft your holiday. With customizable options, we have made sure that our services appeal to all kinds of travels. Whether you are looking for breathtaking views along the trekking trails in the Himalayan mountain range or world-renowned, spiritual attractions with enriching cultures, our expertise in travel business will help you make sure your needs are met. These options also help our explorers choose budget-friendly options that maximize their fun.

Health and Safety is Always a Priority

Travel in the Himalayas is a number of things rewarding, exhilarating and sometimes quite challenging. Due to the challenges, you may face here as a traveler our professional guides pay extra attention to your health, to mitigate the effect of the altitude and strain of trekking. Trained in basic first aid, they are highly responsive and quick to react in case of an emergency. Moreover, the company takes all precautionary methods, along with avant-garde gears to ensure that you are safe in your travels.


Professional-yet-friendly staff

We believe that great staff leads to a great service. In tourism, a staff has to balance many roles and be at the beck and call of their explorers. Our highly trained staff encompass characteristics and skills that make them the complete service providers, with training in communication skills and guiding they maintain professional integrity but are open and friendly. Moreover, we provide you with licensed and government certified guides who are well-equipped with extensive knowledge of local areas and cultures. They also have fluent English communication skills and organizational abilities to facilitate all trekking groups of any sizes.

We practice honesty and integrity

For the profession that has given us so much in return, we believe that the least we can do to give back is practice utmost honesty and integrity when conducting our business. This sentiment is what our foundation is built on, we carry it in all aspects of our work, for itineraries we clearly brief you on what to expect, and we price the services with no hidden cost so you can budget accordingly. We also offer a money-back guarantee in case you encounter poor services due to our staff. As for our guides every step of the way they will honestly communicate information challenges you may face in the journey.

Focused on Eco-tourism

Our focus is always centered around giving back, which is why we make it a priority to conduct our treks in a manner that causes minimal impact on the environment. Sticking to renewable resources of energy, cleaning up after the non-compostable garbage is just some of the ways we do this. In addition to eco-sustainable practices we employ in our daily basis, Adventure Great Himalaya runs activities to promote positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage such as sponsoring recycling projects, contributing necessity goods to the schools and locals in the far area, etc. We are very proud to be part of the sustainable development with the hope of maintaining our naturally beautiful nation.

Competitive Price & Well paid salary to Staff

Adventure Great Himalaya offers the best competitive price to our guests. You will find our package cost competitive if you compare to other service providers with most of the facilities included in the trip package.

It is tough to retain well-experienced guides and porters in the company. We pay high for our guides and porters because they have more than ten years of experience in the Himalayas. Our guides can speak English fluently. They are licensed and well-trained in case of emergency. Apart from the salary, our guides and porters get full insurance from the company.

Supportive Organizational Culture

Adventure Great Himalaya  is a business built on relationships. Our organizational cultures thrive on professionalism and hard work, but it is the supportive manner in which we engage with our staffs that has led the company to enjoy a wholesome work culture. We take care of our staff’s immediate needs, such as insurance and medical care. Additionally, we distribute their workload by putting the weight limit on porters, provide fair and compensated salaries and benefits to the entire team.