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Comprehensive Guide For A Successful Everest Base Camp Trek

13 Days Everest base camp Trek

The popularity of trekking towards the Everest Base Camp soared over the years, with at least 500 tourists heading towards the trail daily during March to May and September to November. These visitors come from different parts of the world. Both men and women are training and flocking towards the famous trekking spot to join all-inclusive guided expeditions to check it off their bucket list, even during the later years of their life. Organized Everest Base Camp trek tours can ensure their safety and help them avoid passing through the closed routes. If you want to join a trek tour or if you are planning to have a Mt. Everest adventure on your own, here is a complete guide to trekking the famous base camp of the world’s tallest mountain to leave you with several valuable tips.

Prepare For An Epic Trekking Adventure 

A lot of people are dreaming of seeing the majestic Mt. Everest up close. Aside from trekking and mountain climbing, this spot is known for its breathtaking scenery that may be hard to replicate. That is why even those who are nearing their senior years are saving up their retirement funds, taking part in training, and finding ways to afford a trip to Nepal for this incredible experience – even in later life.

Since the trek towards the Everest Base Camp cannot be considered as a walk in the park, you need to be ready to be physically, emotionally, and financially spent just to tick this off your bucket list. To prepare your body for the upcoming strenuous activity, you need to begin exercising four to six weeks before your scheduled trek. Your training program must be composed of lots of cardio exercises like walking, running, cycling, or swimming. You can also strengthen you muscles by including pull-ups, squats, and other core muscle training activities. However, you need to be careful not to over-train your body especially if you are 55-years-old or above since it will do more harm than good.

Make A List Of All The Necessary Expenses

To make sure that you will not run out of funds for your epic Everest Base Camp trek, you need to know how much you need to spend for the duration of your trip. You need to allocate at least $1180 if you plan to sign up for an organized 12-day Everest Base Camp trek tour. This will include transfers from the airport to your hotel and back, all the necessary trekking permits, domestic flight ticket to Lukla from Kathmandu, fees for you trek guide and porter, all your meals during the trek, daily accommodation, as well as basic trekking equipment like sleeping bags, down jackets, and walking poles. This also includes medical supplies for first aid and other extras like tour shirts and duffel bag.

Schedule The Best Time For Trekking The Everest Base Camp

If you want to get the most out of your Everest Base Camp trek adventure, you need to do it during the Spring season or anytime between April and May or during the Autumn season which is from October to November. These are the perfect months to hold your trek because there are less chance of rain in the area. Yet expect to see a huge crowd during these days since there will be an influx of tourists who are also hoping to reach the base camp.

Pack Your Everest Base Camp Trek Necessities Properly

Temperatures normally drop frequently in the area, which is why it is very important to bring all the necessary gears during your trip. The most important items that you need to pack include a pair of fleece or wool trousers, heavyweight gloves or mittens, trekking/hiking boots with spare laces, several thick wool hiking socks, as well as a pair of footwear like running shoes or sandals that you can use around the camp.

You may also bring gaiters, a down vest or jacket, several pairs of underwear and shorts, some shirts for changing, sunglasses with UV protection, sun hats or scarves, several plastic bags, appropriate sleeping bag, a head lamp with spare bulbs and batteries, camping mattresses, small wash towel, and a day pack. Of course, you must never leave your toiletries, sunblocks, and basic first aid kit with complete medicines behind.
Packing List for Everest base camp trek


Important Accessories You Must Never Leave Behind 

You can also bring your electronic devices like smartphones and action cameras during your trek. Yet you must place it in an insulating cover to make sure that it will be protected from the extreme changes in temperature and pressure. You also need to bring as many spare batteries as you can so you can maximize its use during your trip.

Learn To Avoid Altitude Sickness 

Because of its natural design, it is very common for trekkers to experience altitude sickness (AMS) before your reach the campsite. This happens to anyone, regardless of age or trekking experience. In order to prevent yourself from being affected by the quick ascend during your trip, you need to climb slower as much as possible. You need to pace yourself by not going more than 600-meter increase in altitude per day. You also need to stay hydrated all the time, so bring lots of water.

But the most important tip to have a successful trek towards the Everest Base Camp is thorough preparation. If you remember all these guidelines properly, you will be assured that your dream of reaching the foot of Mt. Everest will be a memorable journey.

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