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A Complete Guide to Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Mt Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour

Increasing Number of Nepal Traveler taking to Everest Base camp Helicopter tour, Why People Love  Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour ? The question might put curiosity amid trekkers-maniac who are prone to trek the region at all circumstances.

As the best way to explore the Base Camp is sauntering along the trail, the helicopter tour intimidates these travelers.

But for those who rush to beat the time and make the trip happen, the helicopter tour is a huge relief. By hovering over the base camp in a helicopter, they’ll be laying aside the time that comes to use in something crucial.

Soaring into the Himalayan wind, you’ll be unrolled to the dynamic landscape and exquisite beauty of the region. Going through the plateaus, you’ll be amazed to find the splendid view of Mt. Everest and vivacious valley.

It’s a visual spectacle, onlooking the mountains spangled with snow, green pastures, and wild species. This obviously comes with no stress to take the twist and turns of the trail to the base camp.

The Trek to Everest Base camp  normally take 10 days or more to get over will be done in a matter of time. The least of the time you’ll need to complete the trek via helicopter is 4 hours.

Why you take Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

  • Exhilarating flight over the Himalayas and highland of the Everest region
  • Serves pristine landscapes, turquoise lakes, and mountains including Lhotse
  • Search through the culture, tradition, and festivals of the locals in the Himalaya
  • Spectacle aerial view of the lush green forest with rhododendron blooming in the spring season
  • A quick exploration of Syangboche valley and people of a different ethnic group living there
  • Thrilling and fun-filled trip with no strain to walk the uphills and rugged trail for weeks

How far is Everest Base Camp?

Everest Helicopter Tour

The Himalayas are home to some of the world’s majestic snow-peaks and exquisite landscapes. From the gigantic Cho Oyu to the elegance of Lhotse and ama dablam, it has got a whole lot to tempt the trekkers.

Mt. Everest of course at the top, being the highest and most difficult of all. Everest Base Camp lies on the south side of the Himalayas at an altitude of 5364 meters. Trekkers scrambling the Mount Everest use the base camp as core campsites.

The trekking to the Everest Base Camp kicks off the minute after you arrive at Lukla airport. The trail will then see you climbing the Khumbu Valley and spectacular Namche Bazaar. It takes a

But for those flying to the base camp via helicopter, you need not have to spend weeks. Neither you’ve to walk the challenging trail nor endure altitude sickness and acclimatize.

This experience involves most of your 4-5 hours during which you’ll make ingress to the base camp. Once aloft you get the scenic view of the valley and highland that looks over the mountains.

Apart from getting a flight from Kathmandu, you’ve multiple options for access to Everest Base Camp via helicopter. The most popular one till date is flying from Lukla to the base camp through helicopter.

Starting from the Lukla Airport, EBC is 130 km away from the trek that’ll see you at least a week walking the trail. Whereas in flight, you’ll cover the distance in no time.

Likewise, you can charter the helicopter from Phakding and even Tengboche to reach the Everest Base Camp. It’s a relief for the trekkers who cannot walk the trails any further.

Even travelers who’ve arrived at Pheriche and cannot walk a mile ahead won’t have problem hiring a helicopter. With this you’ll be reaching the Everest Base Camp in about 15 minutes.

Traveling the Everest Base Camp via helicopter is all about comfort and the magnificence of Himalayas.

So, on a perfect day with a bright blue sky, you’ll be able to seek the true splendor of the region. Picturesque mountains, unique landscapes, rugged trails, and one-of-a-kind wild species are only to name a few.

Hence, this perhaps is the reason why traveler choose the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour? Since traveling via helicopter will have them exploring the isolated places of the region and upland.


Is Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour safe?

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Landing Tour

There is always a concern amidst travelers if the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is safe or not. This rises when the region sees turbulence of extreme weather that shows no sign of an end.

Despite it, people are willing to take the risk. They, therefore, travel to the base camp through helicopter as dissipating time is a big no-no. So, why traveler choose the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

Undoubtedly because the trip is unconstrained, less troublesome and safe compared to any other option. Helicopter Tour of the base camp is by far the safest trip of all with a rare fatal mishap reported to date.

No one has had an unprecedented and forlorn experience flying via helicopter to the Everest Base Camp. All because they care for the life of people and are too cautious about it.


No helicopter in Nepal flies off to the base camp during harsh weather or even in the time of heavy snowfall. Your flights will be canceled and rescheduled for another day in the Himalayas. They take safety measures and have medical facilities available onboard.

For travelers, the helicopter tour to the Everest Base Camp will cost no time. In just a matter of an hour, you’ll find yourself at the foot of the base camp.

The staggering view of snow-capped mountains, great wilderness and landscapes are the highlights of this trip.

How many people can ride in one Helicopter?

How many People Can Take One Helicopter tour Everest Base Camp

The number of people you can ride on in a helicopter depends on your preference. But with your helicopter service, you can travel with as many as five people at a time.

You cannot exceed that number but the least can be one. The more people you’re joined in the charter (up to 5), the less you’ll have to pay for hiring the charter. Hence, having a companion, at least one is always better than traveling solo.

Besides, the helicopter rental service of ours has an unlimited option available for the travelers longing to visit the Everest Base Camp. The option that comes along with the fair chance to discover the topography and natural beauty of the region.

Among the helicopter packages available, you can choose any of the options that you find reasonable. We’re ready to help you with any of the available services.

How much  Cost for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour?

The cost of the helicopter tour of the Everest Base Camp varies depending on the situation. As of now, the average cost to charter a helicopter ranges from $4500 to $5000. With the package, you get to travel private or in a group of 2-4 people the choice is all yours.

The more the travelers board the flight, the less you require to pay. Hence you’d be willing to get as many people as you can still don’t miss the count. The most number of people you’re allowed to fly with is four.

Your price for the base camp with the package starts at $2500. With four people in the helicopter, you’d only have to pay $1250 which is a great deal to ever come off.

The trip to the base camp kicks off with the helicopter picking you up from Kathmandu. And in about an hour, you’ll be drifting with the Everest air above Namche Bazaar.

Upon arriving at the Everest Base Camp, you’ll get your time to sight the scenic view. This, of course, includes taking photographs and exploring the area close to the base camp.

I hope you’re clear now, why  travelers choose the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour? Convenience, of course, but most of all, because they are pushed for time. And in that matter, nothing can conquer a helicopter as it gets you to the destination within a few hours.

Hiking to the Everest Base Camp and returned by  helicopter is an incredible experience. But the adventure comes with a cost that remains uncertain until the day you booked in.

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