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How to Choose Best Tour Operator In Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful, diverse nation with incredible traveling opportunities and destinations. While you can manage your travel on your own, travel agencies or tour operators will make your trip organized and hassle-free.

Travel agencies are ideal if you do not want to handle logistics on your own. They are pretty helpful, especially if you are traveling the region for the first time. Tour operators will deal with all your meals, accommodation, transportation, permits, and other facilities.

Therefore, it is essential to select the best tour operator while traveling in Nepal. There are hundreds of travel agencies and tour operators in the country. Hence, it can be pretty challenging to choose the best among them. Some of the factors you should look into before choosing the best tour operator in Nepal.

A registered and licensed company

The travel agency or operator you choose must have a proper license from respective authorities to provide its services. They must be registered under the Nepal government’s rules and regulations. They need to get registered under the Department of Cottage and Small Industries (DCSI) to offer their services. This department lies under the ministry of industry, commerce, and Supply in Nepal.

They must be registered with the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) if they offer trekking services. Make sure that these agencies are also recognized by the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). Hence, you must check if the tour operator is registered under the abovementioned authorities before deciding on the best tour operator in Nepal.

Health and safety facilities

These health and safety facilities are a significant factor when it comes to traveling with tour operators in Nepal. The risk of injuries and sickness is always there when you travel for a long time. Hence, the proper facilities for health and safety must remain your topmost priority when traveling.

The tour operators should mention all the health and safety protocols they will follow in such cases. The tour operators should remain prepared for any such incidents. Therefore, you should always ensure proper health and safety facilities before selecting the tour operator in Nepal.

Years of experience

One significant factor to consider ahead of selecting the best tour operator is their years of experience. These years of expertise denote the success rate of the company in providing services. This also tells you about the local knowledge of the team members. Thus, while choosing the right tour operator, you must check the number of years they have provided service.

Licensed professional guides

Professional guides are an essential part of any traveling adventure in the country. They provide you with a necessary navigation facility and also keep you safe and comfortable. Travelers will have an efficient, hassle-free travel experience.

The tour operators that provide the best trekking/tour guides with proper licenses are the ones you should go for. Besides that, the guides must have appropriate first aid training. It is also preferable if they are locals who know the region inside out. They should be able to make quick and correct decisions in case of any emergency.

Client reviews and testimonials

Client reviews and testimonials are other factors that you must consider before selecting the best tour operator in Nepal. Various travel sites and forums are dedicated to documenting the travel experiences of people around the globe.


These sites include Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet, Tour radar, Trustpilot, etc. You can find people writing reviews and rating their journey through certain tour operators. It is the best tool to judge a company’s services as they provide honest reviews.

Customizable and flexible itineraries

The tour agency must also have customizable itineraries. You should be able to add up days to extend your journey or shorten the trip by reducing days. The tour itinerary must also include various alternative activities to allow you to choose the adventure of your choice and skip the rest. The best travel agency will provide you with these alternatives.

Adequate local-based staffs

The tour operators must have an adequate number of staff running things during the tour. They should separate team members for different tasks as more members mean efficient service. The company must employ locals as it will help boost the local economy. They will also be able to provide more accurate insights into the place.

Reasonable cost

The reasonable cost of the services is a critical factor as you want the best value for your money. The most expensive travel agency does not necessarily mean the best of services. Similarly, cheaper services can get you the best facilities at times. Hence, you should consider those tour agencies that provide good services at a reasonable cost.

Achievements and accomplishments

One means to know about tour operator’s reputation is through their achievements and accomplishments. Any reputed tour operator with exceptional service must have garnered some form of recognition over the years. Hence, you should check if the tour company has any awards from respective authorities. This will ensure excellent services from the tour operator, and you can choose them without any hesitation.

Responsible eco-friendly tourism

The tour operators must also follow responsible tourism with eco-friendly services. This way, they will give back to nature and not hamper the environment by any means. The tour operators should also maintain ethical and social practices. The authenticity of the region should not get hampered. They should also employ local staff and use local resources to boost the local economy.


Adventure Great Himalaya is a local-based Nepal government authorized travel agency. We have decades of experience in delivering incredible travel services at a reasonable price. We also employ local guides and practice responsible tourism. Contact us for more information about any trip you want to take across Nepal. Happy traveling!


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