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Manaslu Circuit Trek In May

Manaslu Circuit Trek In May

With the moderate trekking trails, wide-sweeping views, gigantic mountains, and warm hospitality, Manaslu circuit trek in May comes with its own little perk. May indeed brings the best out of Manaslu Circuit. The season offers incredible weather to its visitors with stunning views that never hide.

Travelers can enjoy long daylight hours during the summer month of May. The warm sunshine of the valley and cool breezes blasting from the mountain make the visit smooth. In May, summer arrives with a warmer temperature and a gleaming view.

Temperatures in late May are slightly hotter than in the early months of Spring. As the temperature rises up to 12 Degrees Celsius, days are dry in the hills. However, the weather is still wet in the mountains, with the temperature dropping quickly.

Snowfall is incredibly rare in May. Due to clear weather, it gets easy for visitors to catch a glimpse of beautiful mountains and valleys even from the farthest distance. The radiant sunshine pretty much clears the mountain haze, providing a great view from landmarks.

As a remote and restricted area, Manaslu doesn’t see a massive crowd of visitors in the region. It has a moderate walking trail, making the circuit’s journey easier and more comfortable. The month ensures to spell some spring charm onto the traveler, offering them some great shots of Himalayan animals and birds.

Things to experience during Manaslu Circuit Trek in May

  • Picture-perfect view of snow-capped mountains, including Himalchuli, Manaslu, Cheo, and Annapurna II
  • Acquaintance with the unique culture, tradition, celebrations, and events
  • Experience the warm reception and great food offered by locals
  • Sheer chance to witness abundant wild species and birds, including Tahr, Himalayan Marmots, Snow Leopard, and Pika
  • Arrive at Larkya La Pass, the longest pass in the Himalayas of Nepal
  • Hike through the Manaslu Conservation Area

What is so good about Manaslu Circuit Trek in May?

1. Perfect Weather / Temperature

The atmosphere of Manaslu Circuit is at its best in May. With the mix of Spring and Summer weather, the month provides a wonderful experience to the visitors. There’s more sunlight in May than in any other month of Spring.

The May month offers warmer weather with temperatures of 15-20 Degrees Celsius in lower places while starting the trek. The temperature gradually decreases as you keep ascending to the high-altitude places. Upon reaching the 4000m altitude place like Larkya la Pass, the temperature decreases to 4-5 degrees Celsius in the morning time, 10-12 degrees in the daytime. Similarly, the nighttime temperature will be -8 to -10 degrees Celsius.

It’s the perfect time to discover the rolling green hills and landscapes of the Himalayas. With the clear sky, travelers will have a wonderful time catching the magnificent view of mountains and valleys.

2. Less Crowd

Compared to any typical day in Spring, May has a lot fewer visitors. Most of the hikers will already trek the circuit in mid-Spring, making the trail less busy in the month. However, you’ll not have to go alone as plenty of trekkers ascends the circuit during that time.


Trails, especially those walking through the forest, are quiet at the end of May. Since the routes are not jam packed, trekkers don’t have to be hasty. They can go easy on the trail and enjoy the journey while watching scenic views. Nature lovers don’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle of the crowd.

3. Easier access to Larkya La Pass

As the longest pass in the Himalayas, Larkya never misses tossing as many challenges on hikers as it can. During May, trails to Larkya La Pass are dry and not slippery which makes the trekkers easy to cross the Pass.


Therefore, most trekkers prefer trekking Manaslu Circuit in May as it has nice weather and climate. May has the warmest temperature with pleasant summer vibes out of all the Spring months. It has a clear sky and bright sunshine, which provides strong visibility.

4. Diverse Cultural Experience

Manaslu is a place of varied culture. It has people from different backgrounds and ethnicities living here. Gurung and Magar people have the greatest influence in the region, which can be seen through its religious landmarks.


Along the way, hikers can witness many Tibetan monasteries with mani wheels and colorful prayer flags. Traditional villages of Manaslu sheds light on the rich history and culture of the Himalayan people. It also tells you a lot about their lifestyle, shared beliefs, and values.

Challenges You Might Face during May

1. Altitude Sickness

Most people visiting Manaslu Circuit for the first time may suffer from altitude sickness. They show mild symptoms like headache, dizziness, insomnia, and fatigue, which over time become severe. Therefore, choose the itinerary with the proper acclimatization day. It is even much better if you stop and rest at the lower region before climbing any high place above 3,500 meters. 

2. Long and unpaved trail

The entire trek distance to Manaslu Circuit is 177 km. Trekkers have to pave their way through the forests and over the hills to arrive at the circuit. So, it can be nerve-wracking for anyone to walk such a long trail while maintaining the same pace.


That’s not all; the hikers have to walk 6 to 8 hours each day on the trail, which is tiring for anyone. Most of its paths are rugged, with steep climbs and rocks that take extra time to cover. On any regular day, hikers will have to travel a distance of 15 to 20 km, which is strenuous.

3. Fatigue

Fatigue is the result of extreme weariness from physical and mental strain. So, walking the trail with a heavy backpack may leave trekkers in distress. The long walking trails make them may suffer from knee pain and other minor injuries; therefore, keeping yourself fit is crucial while trekking Manaslu Circuit.

An average of 6-8 hours of trekking for almost two weeks is exhausting. Hence, you have to prepare yourself for the walk. Physical training and exercise are a must before the hike, which provides you with the needed strength and stamina.


4. Choosing the right guide

Manaslu Circuit is a restricted area, so walking the trail alone is a big NO for any trekkers. Hikers are suggested to go with a registered company like us or hire a professional guide to help them navigate the trail.

Hence, choosing the right guide is essential as well as complex, especially if you’re doing it all by yourself. So, whenever you choose a guide for the trek, make sure he is bilingual and can speak fluent English. Also, make sure that he is native or holds a license for the guide.

Those who have planned their trip through the tour operator won’t have to worry about it as it will be pre-arranged for them. You do not have to worry about the porter as well, the company can easily manage for you.

Accommodation and Food

Accommodation in Kathmandu is available from basic lodges to 5 star hotels. The facilities like a spacious and well-furnished room with an attached bathroom, soft bed, and a closet, depend on the hotel’s services.

During the route of Manaslu Circuit, mostly you will be staying at a teahouse with single or shared bedrooms. It’s hard to get a room with an en suite here. Those who prefer to stay alone can have all the rooms for themself, but it will cost them extra bucks.

The teahouses in the hills and villages are more well-equipped than those in the mountain. Apart from the options of choosing between different forms of accommodation, they also provide facilities like a hot shower, internet, and electricity.

It’s hard to find too many western foods on Manaslu Circuit Trek. Most of the teahouses and hotels offer typical Nepali food with some side dishes. Their breakfast does have multiple items, including bread, soup, noodles, and muesli.

Teahouses in Manaslu cost around US$10 per person per night. The cost of food can be anywhere from US$5 to US$8, depending on what you’ve ordered. The prices of these items hike after you reach a higher altitude.


How hard is Manaslu Circuit Trek in May?

Manaslu Circuit Trek isn’t hard at all compared to some extremely difficult treks in the Himalayas. It has moderate hiking trails with a few highs and lows. Most of its paths in the higher region have rocks and steeps, which can be a bit harsh on trekkers.

A walk through the forest is exciting but equally distressing, especially the ones that are rambled. The trails of Manaslu also take the hikers high above the valley and to the deep canyons down. Winter weather is generally bitter, but the trekkers hiking the circuit in May will get to enjoy lovely views.

May is a good time to visit the Manaslu region as the weather is perfect around the month. It has a warm temperature but still with the touch of Spring. The surrounding is delightful with blooming flowers, green foliage, and varied wild animals.

All in all, Manaslu Circuit isn’t much difficult to hike, but you surely need to be fit. Trekkers must be in good shape to tackle the mountainous terrains of Manaslu. They must also follow a routine exercise and diet to maintain physical strength and balance.

Preparation for Manaslu Circuit Trek in May

It doesn’t take a lot of groundwork for Manaslu Circuit Trek, mainly if you’re doing it in May. Trekkers don’t have to fear as they can make the necessary preparations even in a short time. For a trek like Manaslu Circuit, get at least a month of training, especially those who’ve never trekked before.

You can do some aerobic and cardiovascular training as it improves stamina and helps you stay fit. It also builds your leg muscle and back, increasing your strength and reducing fatigue. Exercises like running and brisk walking support you physically and mentally to climb the trail with baggage.

Trekkers must also not forget to pick all the gears required for trekking. You should keep the backpack light but don’t miss out on the equipment as it will make the trek difficult. The weather in May is hot, so carry light-weight clothes. Other essentials needed for Manaslu Circuit Trek in May.


Clothes & Footwear

  • Waterproof light jacket
  • Breathable and waterproof pants
  • Fleece inner shirts and pants
  • Moisture-wicking shirts
  • Lightweight jackets
  • Sturdy hiking boots
  • Leisure shoes
  • Cotton socks


Head wear

  • Sun hat to prevent UV rays
  • Knitted hat
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Moisturizers


Personal Items 

  • A non-disposable water bottle
  • Cell-phone and camera
  • Extra batteries and charger
  • Personal toiletries and hand sanitizer
  • Toilet paper
  • Insect repellent
  • Quick-drying towel
  • Toothbrush and paste



You will be picked up and dropped from Airport to a hotel in a private vehicle. And if you wish to sightsee in Kathmandu, you will travel in a Private vehicle.

Public vehicles and private vehicles are the modes of transportation for the month of May to reach the starting destination of a trek. May is the dry season, so we can take the jeep direct to Machha Khola and start the trek. Similarly, you will have a jeep or a local bus from Besi Sahar to Kathmandu while returning.


Permit Fees for May

To complete the Manaslu circuit trek, you will need (MAP)Manaslu Restricted Area Permit, MCAP(Manaslu Conservation Area Permit), and ACAP(Annapurna Conservation Area Permit).

For May, MAP costs U$D 75 for one week and U$D 10 per day for other than a week. And the conservation area permit cost U$D 23 (NPR 3,000) each for both MCAP and ACAP.

If you extend your trip to Tsum Valley, you will need another which is: Tsum Valley Permit. This permit costs you U$D 30 for a week and U$D 7 for additional days.

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