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Mera Peak Climbing Cost

Mera Peak Climbing Cost

The Cost of Mera Peak climbing depends upon numerous factors like the itinerary length, duration, season, and others. The essential factors include food, accommodation, visa, guide, porters, permit, transportation, etc. Moreover, factors like travel insurance, gear, equipment, and personal expenses are also significant.


Personal spending and approach to travel also play a big factor in the total cost. If you decide to trek luxuriously, you will need to pay extra, whereas budget traveling reduces the trek cost significantly. Tipping guides, porters, and other service workers are also essential. You can tip them as per your satisfaction level. However, the rule of thumb in tipping guides is generally 10% of the total cost.


Overall Mera Peak  Climbing costs  also  mater in size of group,  if you are small group  like 4, 5 people, it cost you about $ 2200, to 2400,  This cost includes meals, accommodation, transportation, permits, guides, porters, etc. However, some aspects are not included in the package costs, like personal expenses.


Read on to learn everything about the Mera Peak Climbing Cost in detail. We have provided the specific cost breakdown with cost includes/excludes.


 Permit Cost

There are various sorts of permits required for you to climb Mera Peak. You will pass through the beautiful terrains to reach Mera Peak’s top. The trail of the trek will take you through the various routes that will require these permits.


First, you will require the Mera Peak Climbing Permit from the Nepal Mountaineering Association. This specific permit cost is different in different season

The cost for Climb mera peak from  March to May (Spring season) USD250 per person and  USD 125 from September to November (Autumn). In the Winter months, from December – February, and summer months, from June – August, the Mera Peak Climbing fee is only USD 70. The other permits required for the trek include the Local Area Permit. The local area permit is around $20 (NRS 2000).

The Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit is also essential for the journey and its cost depends upon your nationality. For the SAARC Nationals, it will cost around NRS 1500, whereas for foreign nationals, the price is around RS 3000. Another permit required is the Makalu Barun National Park Entry Permit, which is NRS 1500 or USD 15 for SAARC nationals. However, the cost for foreign nationalities is NRS 3000/approximately USD 30.


Food Cost

Since you will spend a few days in Kathmandu, you will need to stay and dine at various places in Kathmandu. In Kathmandu, you will get the best meal services. You will have to get the standard meal of around $3 to $30 based on the type of meal and restaurant.


On the trail to the Mera Peak base camp, you will stay in the region’s local tea houses and lodges. In these teahouses, you will have your meal which is a Nepalese meal like “Dal Bhaat.” The meal facilities will cost you around $2-$4.


Dal Bhaat is a traditional Nepali Meal consisting of steamed rice, vegetables, lentils, pulses, pickles, etc. You can also have other cuisine like noodles, momo, pizza, and others at some tea houses but not high along the trail. They will cost you around $3-$6 per plate.


Tea, coffee, garlic soup and other hot beverages are also available along the route. There are some bakeries where you can get bakery items in the region. However, the Nepalese meal is ideal along the trail as they are balanced and nutritious.


You can also carry snacks to munch on along the trail. Water is available in the tea houses where you can use water purification tablets to purify. Besides, you can carry tea bags, coffee powders, juice powders, etc along the trail to save costs.

Accommodation cost

For accommodation, you will stay in the teahouses and lodges in the region during the trek. You will remain in the area’s beautiful trails, where you can get basic facilities for your stay. These teahouses will cost you around $3-$6 per night.

However, in the city of Kathmandu and Pokhara, you will stay in hotels that cost you around $15-$250 per night based on the type of hotel. A hostel will cost you less, whereas a five-star hotel will cost you more. You can choose the hotel based on your preference ahead of the journey.

The trail gets quite packed in the peak season. Hence, you will need to book in advance. If the rooms remain packed, you should get shared rooms with fellow trekkers. It will cost you around $2-$6 per night. You will get warm blankets, beds, and blankets with a clean sheet.

There are other facilities in the area, but they will cost you extra in the region. These added facilities include hot showers, mobile charging, electric charging, and others. However, the facilities get less as you move high along the trail. You might also have to camp when you reach the base camp of the Mera Peak.

Travel Insurance Cost

Travel insurance is another essential part of the Mera Peak Climbing cost. It is required for a comfortable and safe adventure in the high altitude. It will cover various aspects like altitude sickness, injuries, accidents, theft, damage, loss, cancellations, emergency evacuation, etc. The travel insurance generally starts from 150 USD.

Gear and Equipment cost

The gear and equipment are other essential aspects of the trip. During your trip, you will pass through some of the region’s significant landmarks. Hence, you need proper gear, equipment, and other equipment for this peak climbing adventure.

The best gear and equipment will ensure that you will have a safe and comfortable trip in the region. You will get the best adventure with the proper gear and equipment. Some of the lists of gear and equipment required for the Mera Peak climbing are as follows:


  • Carabiner ($8-$12)
  • Crampons ($9-$15)
  • Ascender($25-$70)
  • Descender ($50-$70)
  • Ice ax ($80-$150)
  • Helmet ($40-$200)
  • Harness ($50-$60)
  • Infinity dry rope ($300 – $330)
  • Climbing rope
  • Snow bar ($40)
  • Ice screw ($60)
  • Trekking pole ($20-$200)
  • Slings

Mera Peak Trekking Guide and porters cost

The guides and porters are essential for the Mera peak climbing adventure. You will trek for more than 20 days. The trail will lead you through the challenging terrains. Hence, a professional guide will significantly help along the tail.


The course will lead you through the rugged terrain, and you will have the best time with the help of a guide. The porters on the other hand will help you minimize the burden on your back so that you can travel with ease. A guide will cost you around $25-$30 per day.


These guide costs are included in the total package cost. The porter cost along the trail is around $25-$30 per day, and they will carry about 25 kgs. You can also get porter-guides who work as both.

Mera Peak Climbing Guide Cost

Mera Peak Climbing requires a specialist climbing guide who will help you reach the summit of Mera Peak. They will train you for the climb and accompany you during the climbing journey. We have a climbing guide for two days, and they cost you around $ 250, including their wages and equipment.

Guide / Porter Insurance Cost

Another important cost factor includes insurance for climbing guides, trekking guides, and porters. The climbing guide insurance cost is around $ 150, whereas the insurance cost for trekking guides and porters is around $ 140.

Miscellaneous expenses

Besides that, there are various miscellaneous expenses as well. You will get multiple miscellaneous expenditures like hot showers, electronic charging, connectivity, etc. You can get these facilities at an extra cost.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Moreover, you will also need to get various medical requirements and other personal costs. Hence, you need to separate costs for them as well.

Total Cost

The Mera Peak climbing cost includes various costs for the trek. You will get the best facilities along the trail with us. Along the path, the route will be safer, more comfortable, and more convenient if you trek with us. The total cost of the package is around USD 2650 per person.

Cost Details

Cost Includes

  • Pick up and Drop off facilities to and from Airport and Hotel
  • Hotel stay in Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu to Lukla flight
  • All ground transportation on a private vehicle
  • Climbing and national park permit fees
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the trek
  • Climbing Sherpa guide
  • Professional trekking guide
  • Porter
  • Accommodation in teahouses
  • Kitchen and climbing equipment
  • First aid kit
  • Staff salary, clothing, and insurance
  • Welcome and farewell dinner in Kathmandu

Cost Excludes

  • Climbing equipment and gears
  • Climbing insurance
  • Miscellaneous costs including hot showers, mobile charging, tea, drinks, etc.
  • Personal expenses
  • Tipping costs to the guide, porters or other service staff
  • Items not included in the Cost Includes section


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