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What is Life Like in Nepal after Two Years of the Earthquake?

Two years ago, 25 April brought an unexpected disaster in the lives of Nepalese people. An unfortunate 7.9 magnitude earthquake and consecutive aftershocks shook the lives of Nepalese people and left them devastated. The shattered life and infrastructural condition was awful and heart-wrenching.

As the second anniversary of the cataclysmic earthquake is approaching, Nepalese people have moved way far from the traumatic effects of the disaster. People showed an unbelievable and immense resilience soon after the earthquake and moved on to the life back to normal. It took quite a while for people to deal with the mental trauma that was more disastrous than the infrastructural damages. But people were strong enough, as they have always been, to go through the worst of the situations and resort back to day to day life. An overwhelming generous support and prayer of kind people from around the world definitely worked as the backbone of resilience.

Though the things have been much different in the aftermaths of disaster, everything seems to be working in normal condition. The day to day activities of people in every nook and corner of the country have gone back to the usual pace. Tourism that had been badly shattered has started prospering gradually. The number of visitors to Nepal now has been promisingly going up in its graph. All the activities, from trekking to cultural tours and from adventure activities to leisurely retreats, are under safe and smooth operation. Hotels, roads, airports and other infrastructures are safe and working in condition. Travellers are enjoying Nepal to the most of their expectation.

Life that went through the toughest times is equally charming as usual. The simplicity and innocence on the faces of people has never faded. Evergreen smile has always stayed with them even on the most difficult moments. Those incredible humanly traits that Nepalese have been blessed with helped people resort back to their normal life. Cultural charisma of diverse ethnic groups in the mountains and plains is equally fascinating as it was. All the reconstruction works are underway that will soon materialize into complete life.

We, at Adventure Great Himalaya Treks & Expedition, have been fortunate enough to have our supportive friends and well-wishers around the world. Their enormous support in our humanitarian campaign, to help the sufferers, right after the disaster and for reconstruction has been so much of inspiration. We cannot express enough of our gratitude but still we are heartily thankful to them for their generous support. At the same time, we express our sincere tribute to eight thousand plus lives that we lost. We also commiserate the other victims and express our commitment to help them in the best way possible wherever we can.

We also have been operating our adventures in Nepal smoothly for this season. The number of travellers with us for this season is exciting and it looks even better for the upcoming September/December season. The overall situation in Nepal now is highly favorable and safe to travel. You will see and experience the things that you have never seen before as the reconstruction has been rapidly progressing.

You can visit Nepal now and experience the charm this beautiful country of magnificent mountains and wonderful people has. Our promise is to make your experience an unreal one.



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