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Tips On Choosing a Best Trekking Company In Nepal

How to Choose Best Trekking Company Nepal

Nepal is a small country full of diverse culture, multi ethnic, history, geography and appealing Landscape. Nepal is enriched with splendid mountains ranges and trekking routes. There are spectacular regions you can organize your Expedition like the Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, Everest, and Annapurna. You might be in a dilemma selecting the best trekking company for your safe journey to these amazing places in Nepal.

There are hundreds of options to choose from and the offers mentioned by the trekking company are eye-catching. Among these companies, you will need to find the best one for you.

It is really a critical decision to make for your journey as the whole trekking expedition depends on the trekking agency. There needs to be proper coordination between you, the management and the guide for the trekking expedition to be a success.

A trekking company should have the capability to provide top-notch service to you during your travel in Nepal. Trekking company needs to fulfill certain criteria to be the best in Nepal. Your trekking experience will depend upon the service provided by the management.

So, you should make sure to search for a perfect tour operator, company or travel agencies to achieve excellent trekking experience.

You also need to check the validation of registration documents of the agency, ask for legal documents as proof of legitimacy. Investigating if an agency has a valid license to conduct trekking activities will be your homework before you choose the agency.

There are also other options to determine and help you decide the best service provider for your vacation in Nepal. Following are some of the ideas for you to select the company which will fulfill their promise of serving you and makes your trip fruitful.

Registration and License

The most necessary part of choosing a trekking agency is to research if your agency has gone through registration procedure or not with the authorized company like Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Trekking Agencies Association Nepal (TAAN), etc. You need to be aware of frauds because some of the agencies might be running illegally.

Avoiding such illegal companies will only guarantee your own personal safety and pleasure. You can always check the official website of the authorized companies to check their validity.

Clients Reviews and Testimonials

The feedback from the previous clients is always a good source of information about the agencies. Reviews are helpful to analyze the popularity and strength of the trekking agency. The feedback from the general customer as they help you to know about the companies services and their drawbacks as well.

Most of the websites don’t post negative testimonials, review, and post on their page. So, you must go through sites of genuine agencies with the best sources for evaluating testimonials, comments, and reviews. You can also mail them on their email address for the factual information.

Cost and facilities

Companies offer a variety of schemes at different prices to attract a large number of clients. The prices always vary from one agency to another even though they have the same packages for the same routes and places.

The agency will convince with the cheapest packages but you must be aware as they might not fulfill their oath and your demand. We recommend you to go through the detail information including facilities like pick up, drop, entry permit, flight tickets, accommodation and guide facilities in the official site of the trekking agency.

Safety Standards of the Company

You will travel in remote terrains in most of the part of your trekking expedition. So, travelers consider safety and precaution as they do not want to take any risk during the trekking expedition. Trekking can be dangerous if the necessary equipment and safety measures are not slightly.

To avoid such difficult circumstances, you must make sure the trekking company carries Oximeter device to check heartbeats and the level of oxygen to avoid altitude sickness.

Satellite phones are a must because it can help to call the services of local helicopters for rescue if you have pre-signed the contract with the agency.

Apart from safety, make sure if the trekking agency maintains hygiene standard camping trek on the trekking expedition.

Experience years of the agencies

A good trekking agency sustains for a long time in the business industry and offers the best quality service to the customers or clients. However, it does not necessarily mean every trekking agency with long term business history are reliable and provide the best services to clients.

Trekking agency guided by an expert with innovative ideas and strategies can also offer you with the best trekking experience in Nepal. You should make sure to deal with experts with working experiences, not a business-person representing the trekking agency.

Certified guides and porters

Guides and porters are the backbones of any trekking expedition, they are the individual who makes your trek mesmerizing. So, you should make sure the agency provides you the professional and guides with essential experience to assist you along on the trekking expedition.

Some of the trekking agency hire the ‘A’ grade guides who have no license and certificates from Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM). So, you must be aware of guides and porters while you select the trekking agency. The guides and porters should have deep knowledge about the destination and places. Proper language fluency personality of the guides and porters are must for you to enjoy your journey at your fullest.

Quality Services

The service provided during the trekking impact your trekking experience. So, you should consider terms of services and products offered by the company while selecting the right trekking agency. You should make sure if the trekking agency provides quality service rather than quantity to your preferred trekking destination.

The itinerary offered by the company should consider physical fitness, training, health conditions, trekking profile and trek duration. You should also investigate the accommodation facilities company they offer during camp.

Safety and Health Standards

Trekking to the Himalayan regions of Nepal is an adventurous experience, as well as strenuous hike which simply needs real guts. You might exhaust from the hike if proper precautions are not taken prior to the beginning of the trekking expedition.

Trekking may be easy, moderate, as well as strenuous and can be harmful if precautions are not taken earlier. You should make sure if the agencies have issued standard health and safety measures for the clients or not. You can always check the health standards and safety provided by the trekking agency by checking their official websites.

Sustainable Trekking

The trekking agency should pay serious attention to the restricted areas, cultural and social ethics. The trekking agency should follow the “leave no trace” rule to protect the biodiversity of nature and respect the local tradition and rules. The trekking agency should be committed to their oath and reduce the impact on the environment through waste reduction and energy efficiency.

A responsible traveler should dedicate themselves on the protection and sustainability of the environment. If the porters are forced to carry luggage above 30 kg, you must speak against it immediately. Likewise, child labor is not an option, children and teenagers should also not be allowed to work as porters to ensure the sustainability of the trek.


Research on the Owner of the agency and founders

You should understand the records of the founders and the owner’s past activities. Money minded owner of the trekking agency will not care about the services offered to the clients.

Selecting trekking agency with founders and owners focused only on business will cause discomfort to your trekking experience.

Experienced agencies can understand your needs and want to provide you with top-notch services. Research can be beneficial to determine the best trekking agency as per your need and trek requirements.

Know your desire

You must not compare the comforts of Las Vegas and Nevada with Himalayan trekking expedition in Nepal. You must be well prepared about the trek ahead to the remote terrains to the Himalayas of Nepal. It is important to prepare yourself physically and mentally before the trek. However, you must not be afraid of the challenges ahead.

You should have the guts to continue the trek to climb the awkward terrains of the Himalayas. You will receive a decent amount of food to recover your burnt calories after a day worth of hiking. You must prepare yourself for a mid-level difficult hike in the trekking expedition.

Otherwise, none of the trekking agency will satisfy you. Next, you must know your expectation like, days you want to spend, places you wild like to visit, service you want and your budget limit on the trekking expedition.

Group and Safety measure applied by the company

Trekking agency can handle 15 persons per group. There is a trekking agency who can handle a large number of trekkers in a single group. It is difficult for trekking agency to handle large numbers of travelers at once. It can be hectic to adjust the plans and itinerary for a larger group.

So, you must consider selecting the trekking agency who handles small group because it is always easier to manage with less number of people. You can also take a close look at the companies safety measures at the time of emergency in the site of the trekking agency. You must keep in mind different agencies have a distinct standard about safety measure.

Inquiry via Social Media, Email and Call

It is always resourceful to receive clear information about the facilities and services offered by the trekking agency. You also have an option to investigate yourself to collect all the necessary intel to determine your choice of selection for the trekking expedition. You can make an inquiry through emails or you can simply call the representative of the trekking agency.

The contact information is available on each agency’s website and are easily available on the internet. You can also contact them via social media. Most of the trekking agency post a lot of travel-related vlogs and post on their social media outlets. You can simply make them know of your inquiry on those outlets.


Trekking routes in Nepal are famous around the world because of the and service level of trekking company in Nepal. The trekking agency deserves respect and praise for their dedication on consistently providing quality services with great management and qualified guides. Finding a reliable trekking agency for your trekking agency is certainly not easy.

I hope you will find the best trekking company for you according to your preferences. The above-mentioned advice and tips will give you an idea to contact the best trekking agency.


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