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Why should you book trekking only through a company?

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Nepal is one of the favorite travel destinations for most of the trekkers and travelers. It is a perfect place to enjoy quality time with your friends and family. But a lot of question might be riddling your mind before the start of the journey.

Trek enthusiasts like you might be in a dilemma of finding and booking a trek with a reliable trek company in Nepal. As there are hundreds of trekking companies in Nepal, you need to choose the best among them all.

So, choosing a trustworthy trekking company will be your sole priority. It will also be perhaps the most important decision you make. Quality service from a company will enhance your trek experience. It will also help you make memories that will last a lifetime.

However, you must be cautious about booking the trek expedition. This is because there are numerous trekking companies without legal authorization and license. Therefore, booking your trek through a fake company will only lead to hassle. It might also lead to un managed trip and difficult on getting trek permits.

On the other hand, you might be tempted to book your trek through a random porter you might stumble across in the streets. These guides and porters are lurking in the streets of Thamel to lure you into a cheap deal for the trek.

Therefore, you must be cautious and avoid them at all cost. These personals have no reliability and might leave you stranded on the trek. They might not even have the legal guide license that might lead to a disastrous trek expedition.

So, must make sure to book your trek via a company with valid certificates and qualified guide for the trek. Besides, you will have benefits of Insurance, equipment, validity, and reliability from an authorized travel company.

Benefits of booking your trek with a Company

Safety and Hygiene Standards of the Company

Booking a trek through a trekking company is highly recommended. Most of the part will include strenuous hiking so a company will offer you proper precaution and safety for your well being.

On the other hand, an illegal trek via booking via a guide will have no safety measures and precautions. Also, there are high chances of death due to the lack of experience of these fake guides with no license and validation.

So, you will have a lot of safety benefits while booking your trek with a trekking company. You will enjoy the following genuine service from the company during the course of the trek:

  • Knowledgeable trek leader with adequate First Aid procedures. You will also have a comprehensive First Aid kit nearby. It will help you to cope with the high-altitude sickness.
  • It will also be easy for you in case of helicopter rescue during an emergency.
  • You will also have the facilities of Oximeter device for reading the signs of altitude sickness.
  • The company also provides a proper Satellite Phone for emergency situation. It will allow you to keep in touch with your family right from the mountains.
  • Trekking companies also prioritize plenty of time for acclimatization. This is especially true for high altitude trek in the mountains. They also consider the weather condition and trekker’s physical capacity to ensure safety on the trek.
  • You will have a checklist of all the fears of the company for a safe and successful trek.

Promote the Nepali economy:

When you book your trek with a trekking company, a part of the total money goes to the local economy. It will also support tourism as it is the backbone of the Nepali economy. On the other hand, an illegal trek with a guide won’t even feature insurance for your trek.

Furthermore, the trek will also won’t have any government tax and VAT involved. So, it will only hamper the difficulties for the development of the Nepali economy.

Best price

The trekking company offers you a fair price for your splendid holiday trek expedition in Nepal. The amount you pay for the trek is productive. It also won’t leave you disappointed after the trek.

The services you experience after booking through a trekking company are of standard quality.

Although it may seem tempting, you must not engage yourself in the cheaper alternatives for the trek. It will ultimately lead to a waste of valuable time and money. So, you must book directly through a trekking company as it won’t have any middle man to take a commission.

Authentic information

When you book your trek from a company, you will have all the up to date information about the relative field in Nepal. These company will offer you authentic details about the political situation or other news about the trek sectors.

To use local staff and products

Booking a trek through a company will allow you to use enjoy the services of local staff like guides, and porters. So, you will have the necessary details for the tourist spots with the help of these local experts. In addition, you can also explore the streets and enjoy the purchase of the local products.


By booking a trek with a company, you can arrange and organize the trek according to your preference. Even as a single traveler, you will also have the option to plan your trek for any available date.

Likewise, you can also enjoy the services of a fixed itinerary for the trek. The company will also offer you customized itineraries according to the number of days you have for Nepal.

Experience Matters

A trekking company will have a vast experience level in the relative trekking field. Experience plays an important role while booking a trek. The experience of a company will ensure you guarantee of services without failure.

Most of the trekking company in Nepal has provided reliable services and facilities to trekkers for more than 20 years. In addition, the longevity of service of a company will never fail to offer quality service.

Besides, there is a lot of competition among trekking companies in Nepal. An experienced trekking company will never put its reputation on the line by providing cheap services to save some bucks. So, you won’t face a lot of problems when booking your trek with a well-established company.

Sustainable Trekking

If you book your trek through a trekking company, it will lead to the conservation of reserved forests and restricted areas. The trekking company considers environmental, cultural and social ethics. So by trekking with a company, you will protect the environment and its biodiversity.

In addition, you will also learn to respect the local tradition, culture, and rules. Moreover, you will commit yourself and dedicate yourself waste reduction and management. You will enjoy collaborative energy efficiency during a trek. You will also have sustainable practices along with other trek members on the expedition.

Guides and Porters

A trekking company will offer you a reliable guide during your trek expedition in Nepal. Unlike the guides on the streets, these guides will have the expertise and vast experience regarding the trek. They will assist and lead the way if you lost your way.

In addition, the company also offers necessary gears for its guides and porters. The gears will ensure the guide’s safety. Furthermore, the porter will help you with your luggage on the trek.

This will allow you to enjoy the various aspects of the trek to the full extent. However, just in case you must make sure the guide you choose has a professional license. Some of these guides also speak multiple languages. It will be beneficial on the trek for effective communication with the local people.

What to look for while booking through a trekking company

There are many factors to determine that will help your decision on choosing a better service provider for your trek. Therefore, we have listed some of the ideas for selecting an appropriate company for you:

Membership and Government Authorization:

You need to check the registration of a trekking company before you plan any trek in Nepal. The company must conduct treks after their registration with the Nepal Government, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and TAAN.

Make sure the company has a valid license and authority to trekking activities. On the other hand, booking a trek with the help of lodges and guide won’t assure any of this. The guides and the middle man won’t have any verification and license so the activity in itself will be illegal.

Besides, a company will have valid registration. They will also have legal documents to run a smooth legal trek in any region of Nepal. You can check the company’s website for the proof of legal documents and official recognition.

Client Review

While booking a trek through a broker at a lodge or a guide themselves, you won’t have any idea about their services. You will also have no proof of their experience on the trek. Therefore, you cannot determine the guarantee of safety and quality service during the trek.

If you book your trek through a travel agency, you will have internet portals to get an idea of the services available. You can review the comments submitted by previous travelers and trekkers.

Therefore, you can look into those reviews and testimony to determine your travel needs and expectations for the trek. You should dedicate your time in researching on the websites of the travel company. This will help you to understand their functions and services in a better way.

Quality Services

The service offered by the trekking company will play an important role during your trekking journey. So, you must make sure a trekking company offers quality products and services.

Usually, a trekking company will offer you quality accommodation and food facilities during the entire trek. They will also provide you a list of equipment to consider for your comforts during the course of the trek.

You can also listen to the ideas of a trekking specialist from the company for a suitable trekking destination. You will also understand various aspects of treks like physical fitness, training, health conditions, and the trek duration.


Every traveler’s dream is to conquer the serene high mountain treks in Nepal. However, there are certain things you must consider prior to the trek. Booking your trek is the most important of them all.

So, you must book your trek with a trekking company without any second thoughts. A trekking company will fulfill your desire of a splendid trek in Himalayas of Nepal.

So read into the above information to choose a reliable local trekking company. This will guarantee an enjoyable trek experience in Nepal.


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