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Neplease festival

Festivity is synonym to the Nepalese Culture. For the Nepalese, festivals are not merely the annual spectacles, but also are a living part of their rich cultural heritage. Festivals effectively bind together the Nepalese people of diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs into one nation. Most Nepalese festivals are related to different Hindu and Buddhist deities. They are celebrated on days consecrated for them by religion and tradition

March-April April-May July-August August-Sept Sept-Oct Oct-Nov Nov-Dec
Chaitra Dasain
Ghode Jatra
Biska Jatra
New Year’s Day
Red Machhendranath Jatra
Buddha Jayanti
Krishna Astami
Janai Purnima
Gai Jatra
Indra Jatra
Dasain or Durga Puja
Mani Rimdu
Tihar or Deepali
Bibah Panchani
Yomari Punhi