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Manaslu Circuit With Tsum Valley Trek

Nepal, Restricted Trekking Region

Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum Valley
Trip Facts
trip altitude
Trip Duration 22 Days
trip altitude
Grade Challenging
trip altitude
Maximum Elevation 5106
trip altitude
Group Size 2


The Manaslu Circuit  with Tsum Valley Trek  is a popular and challenging trekking route in Nepal that offers stunning views of the Himalayas and an opportunity to experience the local culture of the region.

The trek starts from Arughat, a small town in Gorkha district, and follows the Budhi Gandaki River upstream. The trail passes through beautiful forests, quaint villages, and across several suspension bridges, and eventually reaches the Tsum Valley, a hidden gem that was opened to trekkers only in 2008.

Tsum Valley is a sacred valley with its own unique culture and traditions. It is home to several ancient monasteries, chortens, and mani walls, and is believed to be the place where Guru Rinpoche meditated on his way to Tibet. The valley is also famous for its wildlife, including the Himalayan tahr, musk deer, and snow leopard.

After exploring the Tsum Valley, the trek rejoins the Manaslu Circuit and heads towards the Larkya La Pass, which is the highest point of the trek at 5,160 meters. The pass offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, including Manaslu, Annapurna II, and Himlung Himal.

The trek ends in Besisahar, where you can take a bus back to Kathmandu. The Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum Valley is a remote and off-the-beaten-path trek, and it requires a good level of fitness and trekking experience. The trek is best done between September to November and March to May when the weather is clear and the skies are blue.

Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive In Kathmandu , Nepal

One of our Represented will received from airport and transfer to Hotel, Free day, Evening dinner at Nepalese kitchen . Overnight hotel.

Meals Included: No

Accommodation: Hotel

Day 2

Prepair Manaslu and Tsum Valley permit

Two permits are needed for the Manaslu Circuit Trek, the processing of which requires your original passport. While our team prepares for your permits, you can take the day to explore the city of Kathmandu. The capital city offers its visitors 8 UNESCO Heritage Sites, authentic Nepali cuisine, and culturally rich sites worthy of exploration.

Meals Included: Breakfast

Accommodation: Hotel in Kathmandu


Day 3

Drive to Soti Khola | 8 hrs

Location: Soti Khola
Altitude: 730 meters
Duration – 8 Hour

On the first day of your Manaslu Trek with Tsum Valley, you will leave Kathmandu Valley and reach Soti Khola, which is at 730 meters above sea level. You will cherish the view of terrace fields, mountains, and rivers during your 8 hour drive from Kathmandu to Soti khola.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 4

Trek to Machhakhola

Location: Machha Khola
Altitude: 930 meters
Trek Duration – 7 Hour

This day marks the start of our trekking journey and treats us with a glimpse of the natural beauty and tranquility that awaits us throughout the journey. After breakfast at SotiKhola, we commence our journey following the Budi Gandaki River, through forests, enjoying magnificent waterfalls, and eventually descend to a Gurung settlement named Labubesi. From this traditional village, we ascend our way to the valley opening, to the Budi Gandaki River shore, and cross the suspension bridge, to reach our destination MachhaKhola.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House


Day 5

Trek to Jagat

Location: Jagat
Altitude: 1410 meters
trek Duration – 6 hour

The next destination from Machha Khola is Jagat, which is at an altitude of 1400 Meters. You will be passing through some of the breathtaking landscapes and gorges with waterfalls along the route. After a short trek, you will reach Kholabesi and then you will take on the verge to Tato Pani, a natural hot spring. After that, you need to cross a suspension bridge above the Budi Gandaki river and walk through Dobhan village. Before reaching Jagat, you will be crossing a bridge above Yaru Khola. You will stay overnight at a tea house in Jagat after completing the trek of around 6 to 7 hours.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 6

Trek to Lokpa

Location: Lokpa
Altitude: 2040 meters
trek Duration – 6 hour

Jagat is the entry point of Manaslu Base Camp and you will leave this spot early in the morning after having breakfast on the fourth day. Like a day before, your activity includes crossing a long suspension bridge above Budi Gandaki River and hiking towards Philim. Similarly, you will reach Ekle Bhatti after a short hike after which you will set up for Lokpa Village. You will have to catch a route from the Tsum valley from the right side to reach Lokpa Village. It also gives a cinematic view of the Annapurna range.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 7

Trek to Chumling

Location: Chumling
Altitude: 2386 meters
Accommodation: Tea House

On the fifth day of your Manaslu Trek with Tsum Valley, you will set up for Chumling at an altitude of 2,386 meters. It will take around 4 to 5 hours to reach Chumling from Lhokpa but believe us, your journey will be worthwhile with the scenic beauties of Baudha Himal and Ganesh Himal VI. You will be passing across Syar Khola and Rhododendron forest before reaching Chumling, where you will stay overnight.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 8

Trek to Chekampar

Location: Chekampar
Altitude: 3031 meters
Accommodation: Tea House

We will travel further into the Tsum valley by walking towards Chekampar from Chumling today. We will leave Chumling through a zigzag uphill trail that passes through pines and rhododendrons. We will descend through wild forest trails and cross some streams. There is also a suspension bridge in between that you need to cross before reaching Chekampar. As you travel through Dumje, you’ll see vistas of Ganesh and Baudha Himal, two Himalayan peaks.

Then the altitude begins to decline as we touch down on a property called Rainjam. Then you will come across Sarphu Khola, a Shringi Himal tributary. As we continue walking through Gho and enter the upper Tsum valley, the trail will become steeper for the next two and a half hours. The communities of Chhokang and Paro, also known as Chekampar, are located in the upper Tsum valley. This is where we’ll be spending the day. The area has fascinating slate chortens and distinctive homes scattered across the communities. Under the cliffside are dwellings made of stone. There are vast fields of crops, including buckwheat, potatoes, maize, and barley.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 9

Trek to Nile

Location: Nile
Altitude: 3,361 meters
Accommodation: Tea House

On the seventh day of your Manaslu Trek with Tsum Valley, you will pass through several spots like Shikhar Khola, Ngakyu Leru, and Lamagaun. You reach St. Milarepa Piren Phu Cave after a short hike from Lamagaun, which is considered as a cave of pigeons. Similarly, you will pass across a suspension bridge over the Shiar River before reaching the Nile.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 10

Trek to Mu Gompa

Location: Mu Gompa
Altitude: 3,700 meters
Accommodation: Tea House

You will leave the Nile early in the morning after having breakfast and head towards the Mu Gompa through a Tibetan border route. Mu Gompa is the highest point of Tsum Valley – you will hike through the yak pastures and terrains through a rugged route.

After a short hike, you will reach Mu Gompa monastery, which has Chortens and mani walls around it. Also, you can visit Dhephu Doma Gompa.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 11

Trek to Chhekampar

Location: Chhekampar
Altitude: 3010 meters
Accommodation: Tea House

On the ninth day, you will hike towards Chhekampar from Mu Gompa, which sits at the altitude of 3,010 Meters. You will pass through Rachen Gompa at first and slowly head towards Chhule before reaching Phurbe. From there, you need to take a hike through the dense forest of rhododendron and finally to Chhokangparo.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 12

Trek to Chumling

Location: Chumling
Altitude: 2386 meters
Accommodation: Tea House

Manaslu Trek with Tsum valley continues on the tenth day too. You will leave Chhekampar after having breakfast in the morning and head towards Gho. From Gho, you will cross a suspension bridge and catch a trail that leads you towards Rainjam Village. From there, you will have to descend to Tsum Valley before reaching Chumling, where you will stay overnight at a tea house.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 13

Trek to Deng

Location: Deng
Altitude: 1860 meters
Accommodation: Tea House

The eleventh day of your Manaslu Trek with Tsum valley is the trek to Deng from Chumling. Generally, it takes around 6 to 7 hours to reach Deng from Chumling by walking. First, you will head towards the trail that leads you through the bank of Shair Khola to reach Lokpa Village.
From Lhokpa, you should cross the Budi Gandaki suspension bridge and then reach a narrow gorge. From there, you will descend downhill through the valley and again cross a suspension bridge to Nupri. You will then pass through bamboo forests and reach Deng at the altitude of 1860 meters.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 14

Trek to Namrung

Trekking Destination -Namrung
Distance – 17 Km
Altitude: 2660 meters
Duration – 6 Hour
Accommodation: Tea House

Considering the increasing altitude from Deng (1,860m) to Namrung  (2,660m), the trek this day has been scheduled to be just 5 hours to prevent possible complications with altitude sickness. We commence our trek by crossing the Budi Gandaki River bridge, passing through numerous traditional settlements, and unique Tibetan culture mani stone walls along the way, to reach our destination  Namrung for the night.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 15

Trek to Lho-Gaon , 3180m

Trekking Destination – Lho Gaun
 Distance – 10 Km
 Altitude: 3180 meters
Duration – 6 Hour
Accommodation: Tea House

Today we follow trails through vibrant rhododendron forests, while listening to the peaceful sound of the Budi Gandaki River flowing alongside. Treating us to magnificent views of the Himalayas, the trails take us through Gurung and Tibetan settlements, to reach the picturesque village of Lho. Lho Gaon provides a perfect space for you to immerse in the natural beauty while exploring the local culture.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 16

Trek to Samagaon

Trekking Destination –  Samagaun
 Distance – 11 Km
 Altitude: 3500 meters
Duration – 6 Hour
Accommodation: Tea House

After a restful night at the Lho Gaon, we transverse our way through lush forests and peacefully flowing streams, slowly gaining altitude. The trails to our destination Sama Gaon amuse us with subtle glimpses of Mount Manaslu and its surrounding mountains throughout the journey. Sama Gaon is a Tibetan-influenced settlement with rich culture and unique offerings, to be explored the following day. This traditional village provides us with a peaceful place to rest at a high altitude.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 17

Accimation and Excrucition Day

This day has been put aside for acclimatization, where we will be exploring the beautiful village of Sama. Resting on the lap of the Himalayas, Sama Gaon is a picturesque village with its unique people, untouched culture, and warm hospitality. After exploring the beautiful settlement, we can hike up to Birendra Lake located at an altitude of 3,630m for acclimatization.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 18

Trek to Samdo

Trekking Destination – Samagaun
 Distance – 9 Km
 Altitude: 3850 meters
Duration – 5 /6  Hour
Accommodation: Tea House

Leaving the picturesque village of Sama, we make our way alongside the bank of Budi Gandaki River. The trails surprise us with breathtaking views of the alpine terrain and vibrant rhododendron forests. Enjoying the journey and nature’s calmness, we reach our destination Samdo located at an altitude of 3,860m. This charming settlement of Samdo offers us with unique cultural experience with its rich Tibetan culture, traditional stone houses, barren landscapes, and their way of life.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 19

Trek to Dharmasala

Trekking Destination – Dharmasala 
 Distance – 12 Km
 Altitude: 4430 meters
Duration – 7 Hour
Accommodation: Tea House

The trek this day from Samdo to Dharmasala, also known as Larkya Phedi takes us through a gradual ascent and picturesque alpine scenery. With glimpses of the surrounding mountains fueling our energy to go ahead, we make our way through rocky trails, crossing two streams to reach Dharmasala at an altitude of 4,460m. This high-altitude settlement rests beneath the Larkya La Pass, giving us a clear magnificent view of the Himalayas, and a place to rest and restore for the following day.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 20

Cross larkey la (5106m) - Bhimthang

Location: Bhimtang
Altitude: 3720 meters
Trek Duration – 9 hour
Accommodation: Tea House

After staying overnight at Bhimthang , you will now set up your journey to Bhimtang, which is at 3720 meters above sea level. This is one of the challenging treks of your Manaslu Trek with Tsum Valley, where you need to pass across four frozen lakes and then make a climb to the steep pass Larke la ( 5106m).

But the majestic views of Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, Kanguru, Minjung, and the Annapurna II will make you feel soothing and relieved. From there, you will pass through the grassy moraine and a small settlement before reaching Bhimtang.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 21

Trek to Dharapani

After spending an early morning in Bhimthang, which offers a picturesque view of the Himalayan ranges including Manaslu, Lamjung Himal, and others, we follow a descending trail to get to our destination Dharapani. The trail takes us through rhododendron forests, terraced fields, and the charming village of Tilije. The landscapes change as we start to catch glimpses of the Marsyangdi valley, to reach Dharapani for the night.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge/Tea House

Day 22

Drive back to Kathamndu by Private jeep

After spending the last night on the lap of the Himalayas, our trekking journey ends in Dharapani and we leave in a jeep to Besi Sahar. Taking a quick break in Besi Sahar, we start our journey towards Kathmandu. This scenic route treats us with close views of the Marsyangdi River, meeting the Trishuli River, alongside beautiful landscapes featuring terraced fields, hills, and glimpses of mountains.

Once we reach the capital, you can take the remaining time for some last-minute shopping and explore the city and its cuisine.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch , Diner

Accommodation: Hotel in Kathmandu

Day 23

Departure from Nepal

Getting back from the calmness of the Himalayas with a feeling of accomplishment, we end our remarkable journey here! Our team will bid you farewell and will transfer you to the airport, as per your flight schedule.

Meals – Breakfast

Cost Include / Exclude

Service Include

  • Airport / Hotel/ Airport
  • 3 Nights Hotel in Kathmandu with breakfast
  • Meals In Trekking:  3  Meals a day  (13 Breakfast,  14 Lunch and 13 Dinner)
  • Hot Drinks : tea / coffee
  • Necessary Trekking Permit and  Company necessary paper works
  • Transportation:  Bus  / Sharing Jeep
  • Lodge to Lodge  Accommodation In Mountain
  •   Trekking Guide : An experienced, helpful, friendly and English speaking Trekking guide.
  • Trekking Porter : Carry Your Luggage, One Porter between 2 Members
  • Guide, Porter insurance, Meals, accommodation and well paid salary
  • Trekking Equipment: Sleeping bag, Down Jacket ( refundable after the trek)
  • Oxe -Meter- To Check your oxygen saturation and heart rating
  • Arrangement of Emergency Helicopter service which will be paid by your Travel insurance company.
  • Adventure Certificate.
  • Medical supplies (first aid kit will be available).
  • All government taxes & Vat and Company Service charge
  •  Farrell Dinner

Service excluded

  • Personal travel insurance and  rescue Evacuation  encase  of Emergency
  • Private Comfort Jeep – $ 200  per jeep for one way
  •  All Bottle of drinks,  Hot chocolate, WI-Fi, recharge all electronic device like mobile, camera
  • Tips

More Inforamtion

Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley Trek Difficulties

Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum Valley is not like a short treks. Expect 15-20 days of traversing through varying landscapes with steep ascents, treacherous terrain, and a lot of altitude gain. Moderate-difficult is the difficulty level, but your effort will surely be rewarded. The trekking adventure begins with an easy hike through idyllic valleys and meadows of emerald green. As one advances farther, the journey gets tougher as the passes become more mountainous, needing technical skill and experience to traverse.

Yet, the majestic views make the challenging trek worth it, with stunning panoramas of rice fields, villages, and other natural wonders. The rugged landscape is marked with landslide zones, and the trails are often tricky and inclined. Forget about the risks that might arise, for you have a carefully curated itinerary to ensure an amazing experience. Starting at Machhakhola at 930 meters above sea level, you can gradually increase your elevation and make yourself comfortable with the altitude.

It is a tough task to walk for more than 6-7 hours for nearly 3 weeks and cross Larkey La  pass 5060 meters, so we advise you to get into shape with the help of appropriate physical activities before visiting Nepal. In recognition that particular ages and physical abilities can demand more time, we are always glad to tailor the schedule to your requirements. Even rookies and kids have had a blast exploring the stunning valley.

Best Months for The Trek

Behold the stunning spectrum of Manaslu’s seasonally-flowing beauty – beginning with the Budi Gandaki River Valley and cascading towards the Tibetan Plateau, greeted with varying altitude levels of 600 to 5179 meters. As winter approaches, the Larke Pass closes its doors to the Manaslu Base Camp and the Tibetan border. The welcoming teahouse in Dharmasala remains still during the January and February months. Regardless of the time of year, Manaslu’s journey remains remarkable in its own right.

In Late December to Early March, the winter brings an icy chill to the air and a different beauty to the landscape of Namrung. Stunning waterfalls and rivers are frozen in time, yet risk lurks in the snowy trails that lead to Manaslu Base Camp. Stunning waterfalls and rivers are frozen in time, yet risk lurks in the snowy trails that lead to Manaslu Base Camp. To explore this winter wonderland, one must pass the challenging Larke Pass in 1 day, which can take 12 to 13 hours if Dharmasala’s lodge is closed. The beauty of Spring abounds in March as the Rhododendrons burst into brilliant color and the Birendra and Ponkar Lakes emerge from their winter slumber.

Villagers who had traveled for the winter come home to find an adventure that awaits them with the climbing expeditions around Manaslu Base Camp. Though the occasional snow flurry may still blow through the peaks, the lower altitudes are rapidly warming by mid-May, welcoming summer’s embrace. That’s why you have to be prepared for the heat, for it will surely make its presence felt.

April is the best time to trek Manaslu as the temperature is perfect for the journey. The blooms of the forest are especially beautiful in every color imaginable, most notably the Rhododendron. June to Mid September brings freshness to the forests and pastures. Rainfall has restored the greenery. However, it has also brought along some unwelcome guests- mosquitoes, bugs, and leeches. Be wary if you venture away from the beaten path, as small streams have multiplied, creating a challenge to cross even the smallest bridges. Don’t forget to be aware of the possibility of calamities like landslides and erosion this season.

The harmonious tones of autumn echo through the mountains of Manaslu as the ideal season for trekking draws near. The temperature is mild, the sky is a deep and vivid blue, and the world is laid before you like a panoramic painting. Not to mention the always-breathtaking Larke Peak. Of course, these perfect conditions attract a crowd too. But even with the added trekkers, you’ll be rewarded with pristine views and the opportunity to participate in the Manaslu Marathon if you feel up for the challenge. The mountain trails of Manaslu and Tsum Valley are most breathtaking in spring and autumn.

Traversing from mid-October until mid-December is the perfect way to explore the beauty of the autumnal season, and mid-March until the first week of June is the perfect time to enjoy a vibrant spring. If you can brave the chill of winter, you can make the most of the stunning clarity of the skies from December to mid-January. Plan your Manaslu trek for any of these times for an incredible journey.

The Manaslu circuit is a trekker’s paradise, with the most delightful routes available to explore during the spring and autumn. The autumn window offers vibrant foliage and enchanting panoramas from mid-October until mid-December. Conversely, mid-March until the first week of June is the circuit’s most colorful spring. However, if you are game for a chilly experience, winter is also a viable choice; although it may be bitterly cold, the skies are clearest between December and mid-January, making this time of year worth every second.

Summer Treks: Summer is a popular time for Manaslu Trek With Tsum Valley due to the warmer temperatures and longer days. However, this can also mean higher crowds and higher costs.


Warm temperatures

Longer days

More available guides


Higher prices

Larger crowds

Some trails may be too hot or dry during the summer months.

Winter Treks: Winter is not typically considered an ideal time for Manaslu Trek with Tsum Valley due to colder temperatures and shorter days. However, winter treks offer unique advantages such as fewer crowds, lower prices, and snow-covered landscapes.


Lower prices

Fewer crowds

Stunning snowscapes


Colder temperatures

Shorter days

Less available guides.

Spring Treks: Spring offers milder temperatures than summer with fewer crowds than summer or winter treks.


Milder temperatures

Fewer crowds

More accessible trails due to melting snow


Wetter terrain due to melting snowpack

Fewer available guides

Higher prices as it is peak season for trekking.

Fall Treks: Fall is a great time to go trekking due to the mild temperatures and stunning fall foliage.


Milder temperatures

Stunning fall foliage

Lower prices than peak season

More available guides than winter or spring treks


Shorter days due to earlier sunsets

Wetter terrain due to rain showers

Higher crowds than winter or spring treks.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Permit

Trekking the Manaslu Region requires a permit called MRAP (Manaslu Restricted Area Permits) from the Department of Immigration in Jagat. You can get the permits for $70 per person (From September to November) – you will have to pay an extra $10 per person after a week. If you are traveling during December to August, it costs around $50 per person and the additional $7 will be added after a week.

For Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP) and Annapurna Conservation Area Permits (ACAP), you have to approach Nepal Tourism Board. MCAP will cost $100 per head if you are traveling from September to November. Similarly, $15 will be added in your account for each additional day. It costs around $75 per person if you set out for Manaslu from December to August and an additional $10 will be added per day after a week.  For the trek also required  Annapurna Conservation Area Permits cost you around NPR 3000, which is around $22.

Getting a special permit to trek  is not easy -For buying the Special permits, you will have to submit a form with a copy of trekker’s passport and valid visa and guarantee letter. Likewise, a list of names of the trekkers, guides, and other staff, insurance documents for the guide and other staff (with names filled in the online application form) should be mentioned. Apart from that, you have to have a tax clearance certificate from the trekking agency.



Traveling in Manaslu was once daunting as the only access to its trails was Arughat. With relentless efforts of the locals, the road networks have extended up to Philim, a stone’s throw away from Arughat. Public transportation can still take you to Machhakhola, while private jeeps can take you to Dovan to start your unforgettable journey. Traversing on the Manaslu Trek with Tsum Valley offers a thrilling adventure accessible only by road.

Hop aboard a public bus from Kathmandu’s New Buspark, and you’ll find yourself in Arughat in a matter of hours, a six to seven-hour ride. From there, climb on board a private jeep or a public bus to continue your trip to Soti Khola or Machhakhola, taking a further two to three hours. An opt-out is a two-hour-long drive through the historic town of Gorkha Bazaar to Machha Khola. Although a private jeep is the more comfortable and speedy mode of transportation, the public bus is the more budget-friendly choice, but no less fulfilling.

Accommodation around Manaslu Trek and Tsum Valley

Accommodation services Manaslu Trek with Tsum Valley offers several accommodation facilities from the luxuries of tea house stays to the ruggedness of camping treks – you can choose the mode of your stay. Tea houses provide a vibrant, uplifting atmosphere that is the perfect place to meet fellow travelers and share stories over a chat and a cuppa. You’ll find even the most basic amenities and facilities, with bedrooms that come in twins, along with pillows and blankets. Although not always attached to the bedrooms, the toilets are generally decently kept and hygienic. The cost of a stay in the tea houses varies dramatically depending on the altitude: the lower you go, the cheaper it becomes.

Spending the night in the valley might only cost you a few dollars, but venturing up the mountainside can quickly add up to $5-$10. Should your room be a brief respite for one, it may come with an additional charge.

Explore Manaslu’s majestic mountains and stay in one of many cozy tea houses. Arughat is your first stop, where you’ll find View Manaslu Resort, Hotel Third Step, and Hotel Manaslu. Machha Khola got you covered with Hotel Tsum Valley Resort. Try Mount Everest Guest House, Royal Garden Guest House, or Hotel New Asia Trekkers Lodge if something else suits your fancy. Philim has plenty of Hotels, such as the Royal Garden Guest House. For your next stop, Chisapani, stay at the Tea House at Chisapani.

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