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5 Places you can visit in Nepal on a Shoestring Budget

Top ten Best Short Trekking in nepal

Visit Nepal on a Shoestring Budget!!!

Enjoy the magnificence of Nepal without putting a major dent in your wallet! Explore our holiday recommendation – cheap but full of adventure and discoveries.

How often have you dreamed about standing face-to-face of Himalayas or walk on intact trail of lush forest but been too afraid about the consequence on your savings?

Explore the charisma and grandeur of Nepal in amazingly cheap price. Here are the list of some of really spectacular holiday destination in Nepal that you can travel around on a shoestring budget.

No matter which country you belong to, you will need a visa to enter Nepal. You can either get a visa prior leaving your country or simply get a visa upon your arrival in Nepal. The cost of your visa depends on the number of days you are staying in Nepal. All the visa allow a multiple entry into the country within the visa validity date.

Cost of Nepal Visa

15 days visa – USD 25

30 days Visa– USD 40

90 days Visa – USD 100

Note: The visa is not imposed to the Indian citizen (they can enter Nepal showing their valid passport in immigration) as Nepal and India have open border policy.


Everest Trekking

Get your long wish fulfilled staying at quaint small hotel and tea houses that are sprawled around Everest ranges and that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

With multiple choices to stay and eat at cheap hotels, Everest region is the one of the best affordable gateways in Nepal. But stay away from main town or market and search the low light areas. Here you will get to sleep for free; if you promise to eat at their hotel.

Getting there: From Kathmandu; drive on a local bus to Jiri which takes around 7 – 8 hours. The local bus tickets are available at New Bus Park, Gongobu, Gausala, Old Bus Park and Koteshwor. The bus fare normally costs – USD 1 – 1.5 depending on the type of bus you are travelling. The A/C Bus are quite expensive compared to normal buses.

There is option of flight to Lukla from Kathmandu but is expensive; however it worth taking a flight trip.

Staying there: Along the trekking route – you will spend USD 5 – 10 on accommodation and USD 10 – 20 on food. This is per day per person cost. It is slightly high on peak seasons. But as we said earlier, stay away from the main stream places – They can cost you more than USD 30 per night and food expenses rises accordingly. Be noted that around USD 5 – 10 is added to your prior expenses; once you cross 4,000m altitude.

Permits: You need to purchase Local Tax USD 20 and Sagarmatha National Park Permit which cost USD 35 for each.

Everest Base Camp Trek, Everest View Trek and Everest cultural trek are some of the best trekking adventure in Everest Region. You can opt Budget EBC trek, Everest Panorama Trek and Short EBC offered by Great Himalaya Treks which definitely comes to your budget. Despite being budgeted packages, we never compromise on quality and services. The purchased package includes accommodation, food, transportation and guide & porter required for the trek. Budget travel package will make your trip plan way easier and hassle free. Plus, we can customize our travel itinerary to accommodate your preference and budget.

Note: The airfare is expected to rise up by 3 – 5 % in peak season.

Contact Great Himalaya Adventure for more info.

Annapurna Trekking

Annapurna region doesn’t exactly need much explanation. Take it easy while their prices take it even easier on your pocket.

Known for immaculate beauty and mesmerizing Himalayas, Annapurna region offers feast of adventure and experience at rate that you make your head spin.

If you plan wisely, the total cost would come within USD 500 – 1200. Get the budget hotel at Pokhara and travel in public bus.

Getting there: They are two ways to reach Annapurna – either via flight or road drive from Kathmandu. The flight will charge you around USD 75 – USD 100 per person while the public transport will cost only USD 10 – USD 15.

Staying there: The budget hotel at Pokhara will cost you USD 5 – 7 per person per night; accommodation cost is roughly same along the entire Annapurna region trekking trail. You can get a budget eating spot at Pokhara which will cost you USD 15 – 20 per day (includes B, L, and D). The food and accommodation is expected to go up by 3 – 4 % as you start gaining elevation.

Permits: You need to purchase ACAP and TIMS to travel Annapurna region. It costs USD 23+10 = $33 per person for each.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Mardi Himal Trek and Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek are some of the best trekking adventure in Annapurna region. ABC trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek are quite long and expensive compared to other trekking adventure in Annapurna region.

Note: The airfare is expected to rise up by 3 – 5 % in peak season.

Contact Great Himalaya Adventure for more info.

Kathmandu valley Sightseeing

It can cost you just nothing! You can sign up to stay at the lowest charging hotel and enjoy almost free stay and vegetarian food. This can be you detox tour and if you want some fun and get drunk, there are multiple pubs and bars offering you at mindbogglingly cheap rates. In terms of architecture, it is enticing with its culture visually spreading through the terraced hills of the surrounding area.

Getting there: Kathmandu is the major entry and exit point of Nepal. You can either take a direct flight or drive overland via India to Nepal.

Staying there: There numerous small hotels and guesthouse which are pocket friendly in Thamel or other cities of Kathmandu. You can even choose to stay at Ashrams which is nominal. A budget hotel will cost you no more than USD 10.

Permits: No permits are required unless you visit the heritage sites or National parks located around the Kathmandu.

Pokhara Valley Sightseeing

The city of lake is full of natural surprises, unlike anything you can explore on the rest of the world. Enjoy the spectacular waterfalls, cave, religious centers and Himalayas tucked among the lushness of this stunning area of the globe.

It is the best budget holiday destination in Nepal that everyone should visit because of its affordability and accessibility.  You can find cheap and high-quality accommodation costing as little as USD 15 – 20. But with a more lenient budget, you will get more without stretching yourself too thin.

Getting there: Two mode of transportation – Airway and roadway from Kathmandu. Pokhara is well-connected via air and road way with major touristic destination of Nepal. Airway will cost you USD 70 – 100 and roadway costs you USD 10 – 15.

Staying there: Avoid the resort and star hotel. Go off form mainstream places and select the hotel which offers nice accommodation at flat rate.

Permits: No permits required until you intend to visit heritage sites and Conservation Areas.

Note: The airfare is expected to rise up by 3 – 5 % in peak season.

Contact Great Himalaya Adventure for more info.

Chitwan National Park

Spectacular Landscapes with variety of natural marvels. I would say it one of few destination on the list that is noteworthy for its lushness. You will discover many rare and non-rare wildlife at their natural habitat. Jungle Safari, Elephant bathing, deep nature walk, birdwatching and canoe ride are some fun-activities unlike anything you have experienced before.

Chitwan National Park is very friendly towards its budget visitors in terms of the experience it offers and the cheap cost it is associated with. You can get amazing hotels without cutting big hole in your bank account.

Getting there: You can either fly or drive overland to get to Chitwan: USD 60 – 80 via airway and USD 5 – 10 via roadway.

Staying there: Avoid the resort and star hotel. Go for the hotels in Bharatpur which offers nice accommodation at flat rate.

Note: The airfare is expected to rise up by 3 – 5 % in peak season.

Contact Great Himalaya Adventure for more info.






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