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Best Time to Manaslu Circuit Trek

Best time to manaslu circuit trek

The Manaslu circuit trek, a hike around the range of Mount Manaslu, is a very popular trekking route. Its popularity almost comes to par with the Everest trail treks or Annapurna circuit treks. Such treks along the Himalayas of Nepal are best done during dry and moderate temperature seasons. So, naturally, the best time to Manaslu circuit trek  is  spring and autumn Season


The spring (March, April and May) and autumn(September, October and November) seasons make up for the peak trekking season in Nepal. This is mostly due to the moderate temperature and fewer risks of weather-related hazards. The trails around the Manaslu massif are quite dry, preventing risks of accidents during this time. The temperature is moderate, avoiding problems of sunstrokes or frostbite issues.


The spring and autumn seasons also give you great vistas during trips due to the clear blue sky. The chances of rainfall and snowfall are minimum, and the sky is not cloudy. You need not pack extra tools and attires for rain or snowfall either.


Moreover, spring and autumns bring celebratory months to Nepal. The spring season brings Nepali new year celebrations that fall in April. The autumn months of October and November bring festivals of Dashain and Tihar. Traveling to Nepal during such a festive time is always a great idea.


Let us delve deep into what different times of the year bring for the Manaslu circuit trek.


Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring

Manaslu Circuit trek in Spring season

Temperature range – 2 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees Celsius

Likelihood of rainfall – Less Likely

Likelihood of snowfall – Less Likely

Crowds along the trails –  More crowded than usual


March marks the beginning of spring in Nepal and brings a very bright and vibrant environment. The lower trails of Manaslu show you freshly bloomed rhododendron trails during your hikes. The temperature starts getting less chilly, and the snow of the winter will have dried up. Hence, the trails are not at all slippery and very comfortable for hikes.


The skies become a beautiful shade of blue with very few clouds. There is almost no chance of rainfall or snowfall. Hence, allowing the Manaslu trails to give you beautiful vistas of the region.


The trails start getting filled with many trekkers from around the world. However, the beginning of March might be relatively less crowded. The end of march will cause a spike in incoming hikers to skyrocket. The accommodations and flights get fully booked, and you might face some problems due to this. But booking your accommodations and transportation beforehand will solve this problem easily.


Manaslu circuit trek in April

Temperature range – 4 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius

Likelihood of rainfall – Not Likely

Likelihood of snowfall – Not Likely

Crowds along the trails – Very crowded


April is among the best time for Manaslu circuit trek, as it brings spring into full fruition. The temperature is par to the most adequate you can get in spring. This time of year, the plants and wildlife are at their best. The flowers display the brightest hues, and the forests are a vibrant shade of green. In April, rhododendron shrubs cover the trails with bright red flowers blooming.


April also brings in the celebrations of the Nepali new year. The middle of April usually coincides with the first day of the Nepali calendar. The environment in Nepal is festive and hiking in Nepal this time is a great idea.


Contrary to such good traits of April, the crowds get too crowded this time. The crowds in April are bigger than that in March. Tea houses that accommodate you during hikes are operating at full capacity. They require reservations early because they get very busy. Other than this tiny fender bender, the Manaslu circuit trek in April will be a smooth sail.


Manaslu circuit trek in May

Temperature range – 4 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius

Likelihood of rainfall – Less Likely

Likelihood of snowfall – Not Likely

Crowds along the trails – More crowded than usual


May marks the end of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere. The temperature starts getting higher, and the days get longer. But the early to mid days of May are still temperate and suitable for hiking.


The latter half of May causes Manaslu trails in the lower region to receive a lot of heat and dust.  You might sometimes have trouble hiking in the sweltering sun in the middle of the day. If you plan your treks for May, make sure you carry your essentials. SPF, sunglasses, hats, and umbrellas are crucial for hikes during hot weather.


The crowds within Manaslu trails also start declining as May approaches. May is not the best time for Manaslu circuit trek, but it is also not life-threatening. Proper preparation can make the Manalsu circuit trek in may very enjoyable.


Manaslu Circuit Trek in Autumn


Manaslu circuit trek in September

Temperature range – 7 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius

Likelihood of rainfall – Very Likely

Likelihood of snowfall – Not Likely

Crowds along the trails – More crowded than usual


September is one of the best times to trek on Nepali Himalayan trails. Late September marks the commencement of autumn just after the monsoon rain has cleared up. It gives perfectly moderate weather with a very dry climate, though there may be some rain at the beginning of the month. You might have to carry light rain gear, maybe an umbrella and a waterproof jacket.


Despite the sharp drop in temperature after August, it won’t reach freezing. You won’t have to walk in the blazing heat, and the trek will be more convenient. The clear blue skies will once again allow the landscapes of the Manaslu region to be more visible.


If you go on a hike in September, you won’t be alone because the trails slowly begin to increase with trekkers. Even though there will be hikers on the trails, there won’t be a large crowd. So, you have no reason to fret about your accommodations issues. There won’t be any sort of overbooking, and the tea houses will be open.


If you plan to trek in September, late September is recommended. Taking the reference of a few years, early September is full of rain in Nepal.


Manaslu circuit trek in October

Temperature range –  12 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius

Likelihood of rainfall – Not Likely

Likelihood of snowfall – Not Likely

Crowds along the trails – Very crowded


October in the middle of autumn is another best time for the Manaslu circuit trek. It is also a peak trekking month in Nepal and brings swarms of trekkers to the Manaslu region. The weather of October cools down to perfect autumn weather. You will for sure not face sweltering heat, but the cooler weather will not turn into a freezing one anytime soon.


Once again, October brings clear blue skies with great vistas of the landscapes in Manaslu. Clear skies will let the birds soar, waterfalls will be charming, and the trees will take on a brownish hue. Trekkers will crowd the trails heavily, causing accommodations to be packed. It is highly necessary to make early reservations during your Manaslu circuit trek in October.


In addition, Nepal will celebrate Dashain and Tihar holidays in October and November. It will create a highly happy atmosphere throughout the country, making this the ideal time to visit Nepal. You’ll probably get to see and learn about real Nepali culture, as well as sample local festival foods.


Manaslu circuit trek in November

Temperature range –   -6 degrees Celsius to 13 degrees Celsius

Likelihood of rainfall – Not Likely

Likelihood of snowfall – Less Likely

Crowds along the trails – Very crowded


November will mark the end of autumn and has a similar environment to October. Its features also consist the temperate weather, clear skies, great vistas, crowded trails, etc. The crowds along the Manaslu trails are also very high, much like the October ones. Accommodation is again hectic and needs to be planned ahead with reservations.


November also marks the continuation of the Dashain and Tihar festivals as they last for a month. Hints of the end of these festivals are usually seen in November.


Late in November, you’ll also experience a dramatic decline in temperature. Although November is the ideal month for trekking the Manaslu region, you need to pre-plan. Bring additional thermal clothing to help you survive the chilly nighttime temperatures. Reserve your flights and accommodations in advance to make your November trek more comfortable.


Is it possible to do the trek during the off-season?

Off-season treks of the Manaslu trails are not impossible but need a lot of caution. The trails of Manaslu are almost empty, and most businesses shut down during the off-season. You need to do extensive planning to complete off-season treks. Although they are tough, people still venture into them and have succeeded. Sometimes off-season treks make for the best treks. Especially the winter snowfalls could make up for mesmerizing vistas in the Manaslu trek.


But these treks are commonly not recommended due to various regions. Let us delve into them in brief.

Manaslu circuit trek in winter

Temperature range –   -16 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius

Likelihood of rainfall – Not Likely

Likelihood of snowfall – Highly Likely

Crowds along the trails – Almost empty trails


Winter starts in December and concludes in February in Nepal. There are a number of risks associated with winter weather. There will likely be significant snowfall in many areas of the trek. Places at elevations above 3000 meters are prone to many weather-related dangers. Due to the harsh cold, the tea houses will probably close in these places. The high-altitude areas will therefore be challenging to pass.


This season, traversing the Larkey La pass will be rather taxing. In such weather, the Larkay La pass camps may also close. The Larkey La pass needs to be crossed within a day. But it can be challenging due to the unpredictability of the weather and the potential of snowfall and snowstorms.


Manaslu circuit trek in monsoon

Temperature range –   5 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius

Likelihood of rainfall – Highly Likely

Likelihood of snowfall – Not Likely

Crowds along the trails – Almost empty trails


Monsoon lies in the months of June, July, and August in Nepal. At this time of year, the Manaslu region is oppressively hot and receives 30 mm to 460 mm rainfall.


The trails’ local economy is nevertheless active despite the heat and rain. Consequently, you won’t have to worry this time about finding lodging or meals.


For local businesses, the monsoon’s heavy rains are challenging. Because of transportation concerns, high-altitude locations cannot deliver commissariats. When the routes are wet, it is exceedingly challenging to transport stuff upward. Hence, making economic activities very difficult.


Rainy seasons also bring in infectious pests and insects. These can cause a lot of hassle or even health issues during travel. Hence, once again, monsoon is not the best time for Manaslu circuit trek.


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