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How to Prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek

How to prepare for ebc trek

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular trekking routes in the world. It is an amazing combination of spectacular views, vibrant culture, awesome people and challenging terrains.

This trek includes 15 days of walking and for 6-7 hours a day. Yes, it is quite a challenge but an experience that you will hold close to your heart for a long time.

You will be going to the base of the highest mountain in the world. You will feel the thrill of landing at Lukla airport which is a unique airport.

Like I said earlier, it is a challenging trek and for a reason. You need to be fully prepared to enjoy this trek.

Right preparation means that you will be fully immersed in enjoying your trek. So, here are few things that you should consider while you prepare for an adventure of a lifetime.

Train Right

The Everest Base Camp Trek follows the legendary trail to Mount Everest. It is not a technical walk but a walk that is challenging nonetheless.

You need to train in a particular way. Here are types of exercises that will surely help you.

Cardiovascular Training

If you regularly walking, biking or swimming, you are on the right path. If not, you should start right away and focus on cardiovascular training.

To further improve your fitness level, you can also switch to stair training, trail running and hiking. These methods will be highly beneficial for you.

Another tip would be that you can carry a backpack while you are out on your hikes. This will surely help you adjust when you are actually trekking.

Strength Training

Another training that will prepare you for your trek is strength training. It involves conditioning your leg muscles, shoulders and your back.

You can also adopt training routines involving pull ups, sit ups, crunches and military presses. You can also do regular running using treadmills.

These exercises will go a long way.

Strength training will help you strengthen your muscles and prevent injuries caused due to strain. To further improve, you can increase your speed and duration of your training.

Altitude Conditioning

Go for regular hikes and to high altitude places if possible. This will help in the process of acclimatization.

Altitude conditioning lets adapt to the surrounding environment and this will certainly be a big help while you trek in Nepal.

When you are training keep in mind that wearing proper running shoes will go a long way. Running shoes will help you avoid injuries and will enhance your training.

If you are already suffering from injuries like plantar fasciitis, pronation, etc or have suffered in the past, you need to pick the right shoe.

Proper Gears

Taking proper gear to your trek will help you massively during the trek. The Everest Base Camp does not involve summit climbing. But, it is quite challenging.

You will be trekking in harsh terrains so taking care of your feet should be a priority. Get proper hiking boots that will ensure your comfort.

Another important gear would be a down jacket. It can get very cold especially during mornings and evenings. Down jackets will keep you warm and protect your chest.

Check the required features, materials and down fill powder of the jacket. A proper down jacket will avoid problems such as nausea, frostbite, pneumonia, etc.

Nepal is safer to travel than most countries. So you don’t have to worry about theft of your equipment. But, if you want to feel extra secure and stop worrying, you can buy one of these best anti-theft backpack of 2018.

If you prefer traveling light and smart, wearable sleeping bag with arm holes. Also take trekking shirts, hiking socks, windproof jacket, gloves, sunglasses, etc. If you plan to take lots of photos, carry rechargeable extra batteries and backpacking solar charger as electricity might not be available in all the places. If you do not want to carry all the gear, I would also like to suggest that there are enough trekking gear shops in Thamel. You can get high-quality gears as well as medium quality.

Mentally Prepared

You will be trekking in a remote region which will only provide you with basic food and lodging. You have to be aware that life in this region can be a bit challenging and you need to be prepared.

You will be resting in basic teahouses and they have basic accommodation. Most teahouses do not have Western-style toilets. Instead, they have eastern style toilets.

They serve food items which you are most likely not accustomed to. But they are very tasty and nutritious.

So, you should be mentally prepared to have a different kind of experience. After all, this itself can be an adventure for you.

Fuel Yourself

Don’t get me wrong here, there is plenty of food available at the tree houses. But it would be no harm if you carry your favorite snack-type foods.

You can carry small amounts of chocolate, protein bars, peanut butter and so on. It is no secret that you will burn a lot of calories as you will be walking 6-7 hours every day.

These go-to snack items that I mentioned have enough calories and you can replenish these calories.

This way, you will stay on track as eating at regular intervals is necessary to keep the momentum going. Also, carry these items in a limited quantity.


Every trip needs planning and the Everest Base Camp trek is not an exception. Proper planning and preparation mean that your trek will go smoothly. EBC trek is doable and not difficult at all. All you need is preparation and planning.

Yes, you will walk for hours every day but also keep in mind that you are on a vacation. So, take it easy and enjoy yourself.

When you are not walking you will have enough spare time to rest. Get a basic know-how of the culture and people of this region. This will help you to interact with the locals in a better fashion.

Drink plenty of water as you don’t want your body to be dehydrated. 3-4 liters would be enough for a day.

You will meet one of the friendliest people here in Nepal. You will make many friends as you travel.

Enjoy your trek and only take back good memories with you.

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