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How Much to Tip Guides and Porter In Manaslu Circuit Trek

How much Tip for Guide and Porter in Manaslu Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek takes you to the remote and tranquil region of Western Nepal. With a moderate level of difficulty, this trek inclines you to an incredible height of 5100m at Larke La pass. Moreover, traversing the rugged terrains with ascends and descends allows you to enjoy the solidarity surrounded by mountains.


To tackle the difficulties of altitude and rugged terrains, guides and porters help you all along the way until you complete your trek. Guides will help you in navigating the route. Moreover, they are trained in basic first aid so they can give you an immediate response in case of emergency. Likewise, porters will help you to carry your belongings and reduce the weight to help you walk with ease. Since guides and porters are rendering you with great service, one question may come across your mind: What about tipping guide and porter in the Manaslu circuit Trek?


Tipping culture in Nepal has been a topic of confusion as this concept has recently been introduced. So, this blog is here to reduce your confusion beforehand about the tipping guide and porter in the Manaslu Circuit Trek. This will give you some peace of mind before you actually embark on your trek.

Tipping Culture In Nepal

The tipping concept has been accepted as a customary culture in the service-oriented business of the Western world. However, this culture has been recently introduced in Nepal with tourism business being on the front line to welcome this practice in Nepal.


Tipping guides and porters in the Manaslu Circuit Trek is the act of expressing gratuity towards the service they have provided by offering them additional money out of the actual trekking cost. If they provide a satisfactory level of service, then you can give them tips. However, if they provide the service that you are not satisfied with then it is not compulsory to give them tips. Any service providers, including guides and porters, cannot demand or ask for tips from you verbally. It is up to you to decide if you want them or not. However, tipping guides and porters are usually expected in this business.


Tipping guide and porter in the Manaslu circuit trek is not just about expressing gratuity but also motivating them to hone their skills more and rewarding them by saying that they are already doing a great job. Tips cannot be called the source of living for guides and porters; however, they play a very important role in uplifting their income source.


It is easy to say that you should tip what they deserve, but estimating how satisfactory their service is depends on person to person. So, being confused about how much to tip or worrying about if they are tipping too much or very little is totally understandable.

Which Currency Is Preferred While Tipping?

When it comes to tipping guide and porter in the Manaslu circuit trek, there is no any hardcore rule on the specific currency you should tip on. Whichever currency is feasible and accessible to you, you can use that currency to tip guides and porters.


However, Nepalese currency or easily exchangeable currency like dollars, pounds, euros, etc, are preferred by guides and porters. On top of that, the region in which you are trekking also determines the tipping currency. Since porters will depart you on the trails after completing your journey before heading back to Kathmandu, it is better to tip them in Nepalese currency.


The reason for saying this is that a major part of the Manaslu trek is in a remote area with no accessibility to ATMs. Even if they have access to ATMs, they may not know how to change them into functional currency.

When To Give The Tips?

Guides will accompany you until the very end of the trek, while porters will be part of your Manaslu circuit journey when you start to walk on the trails. Likewise, they will depart from you by returning your belongings before you head back to Kathmandu.


Usually, tips are given when you are bidding farewell to guides and porters. So you can tip porters when you are getting back your belongings or after dinner on the last day on the trails of the Manaslu region.


Similarly, you can tip guides after the farewell dinner on the last day of your entire trek.

You can either give the tip and show your appreciation in front of everyone or take them on side and thank them.


How Much To Tip Guide And Porter In Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Factors like the happiness of the clients, trekking route difficulty level, duration of the trek, etc play a vital role in determining the amount of the trek.


Since the Manaslu circuit trek lasts for 12 to 15 days with a moderate level of difficulty, many people prefer to give tips for about 10% to 15% of the total trekking cost. Some people even consider tipping guides and porters with 15% of their salary.

Tipping On Group

Tipping guide and porter in the Manaslu circuit trek might be convenient when you are trekking in a group because everyone can pool the total and distribute it among the guides and porters. If you are unsure about how much to tip exactly, you might take a look at the following chart.


Trekking Guide- USD $10 to $20 per day

Tour guides- USD $10 to $20 per day

Porters- USD $10 to $15 per day

Tipping  While Solo Trekking

Solo trekking allows you to tip guides and porters at your own discretion. Thus, it may differ slightly from a group trekking in this regard.

Trekking Guide– USD $5 to $6 per day

Tour guide– USD $5 to $6 per day

Porters– USD $3 to $4 per day

How To Give Tips Perfectly?

Each country has its own sort of practice, and so does Nepal. Usually, while offering or handing over things, Nepalese prefer to use their right hand. Additionally, it is considered ideal if you keep the tip amount in an envelope before handing it over to guides and porters. Therefore, keeping the money in the envelope and giving it to them using their right hand is a perfect way for tipping guide and porter in the Manaslu circuit trek. Hence, it is better to carry an envelope with you so that you can use it at times when necessary.

Why Should You Tip  Guides And Porters Separately?

Since guides and porters have a distinct role in your Manaslu circuit trek journey, tipping them separately is just the normal practice of showing appreciation towards the specific roles they have played in enhancing your trek. Tipping them separately will make them feel like you have acknowledged their contributions.


On top of that, sometimes tipping in aggregate can create tension between the guides and porters. So, it is better to be free from such hassle by tipping them separately once and for all.

What If You Are Not Satisfied With The Service

Tipping is given out of generosity to express gratitude towards the service provided by guides and porters. So, if you are not satisfied with their work, firstly, you should access it on your own. Sometimes, when you keep high expectations and when such expectations are not met, you may feel dissatisfied.


If you truly feel that your satisfaction is rational and it has occurred due to a lack of effort from the side of guides and porters, then you can think of adjusting the tip accordingly. Since tipping is expected in the tourism business, you can lower the amount of price from what you have previously decided to give. In case you are not satisfied with their work at all, then you can decide not to tip them.


However, communicating with them regarding their services with polite and constructive feedback is recommended. This communication will help them to know their mistakes and where they are lacking. At the same time, this will allow you to explain why you have decided to tip them less or decide not to tip them.

Things To Remember While Tipping Guide And Porter In The Manaslu Circuit Trek

  1. You should not showboat your kindness and generosity
  2. Do not give worn-out or old clothes or equipment as tips
  3. Avoid tipping too little

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