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Nepal Trekking General Equipment List

The following Items are recompensed for every trekker who is going to over three thousand meter high treks. This List is only for Guide. There are numerous option brands and versions of each piece of equipment. We suggest you use your experience and the recommended items above to find the best gear for you. Most of the above equipment & gear are available for renting and buying at shops around Kathmandu. Renting Sleeping bag and down Jacket cost around USD 1 per day for each item and buying about 200 USD .Depend of quality.


Trekking   Equipment list.


What to bring

Have it?

Photo x 2 (for trekking permits)         yes
Large backpack/rucksack: Carry for Porter, If you do not have it,         yes
Daypack or day rucksack:

 For carry yourself, your valuable things, Camera, wallet, memory card etc.

Sleeping bag:.-20 Degree      Yes


Down jacket:-       Yes


Fleece jacket        yes
Trekking/Hiking shoes        yes
Gloves        yes
Wool hat and Sun cap         yes
Sunglasses        yes
Knee support        yes
Drinking water bottle        yes
Torch or headlamp        yes
First aid kit and medicines        yes
Long john       yes
Walking stick       yes
Camera, battery charger       yes
Scarf        yes
Sun screen lotion         yes
Rain Cote    Yes. Only Monsoon  season

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