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Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Everest Base camp Trek Cost

If you are planning to Himalaya Everest Base camp Trek,  it is important to calculate your travel budget. Here we Show you how much does Everest Base Camp Trek Cost.  The  Everest Base Camp Trek cost you anywhere from  $ 800 to 5000$, depending on your requirement service, and trekking length.

If you choosing the luxury Lodge Trekking, it cost $2500 to 3000 per person and  Everest helicopter Trekking  cost you  from $ 4000 to 5000 per person. For the  standard EBC Trek package  an average 12 – 15-day trek cost you $ 1200 to 1500 per person. . The prices usually include  permits, round trip flights from Kathmandu to Lukla, accommodation, and meals. However, the booking price won’t include visa fees, trekking, and travel insurance.

The  Everest Base camp Trek is one of the popular trekking destinations for trekkers from all around the world. Conquering the Everest Base Camp is once in a lifetime experience as you hike through the challenging high altitude terrains, rocky tracks, and steep inclines.

Trekkers and Climbers desire to grab their goal by reaching the Everest Base Camp with proper preparation and budgeting. The travelers start their journey by collecting funds leading to a strong budget for the Everest Base Camp trek. Here, we offer you a brief insight into the cost for your dream destination, Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost with Local Operator -$ 950 to $1600

Working with local agencies is widely considered as the best choice for the adventures of any kind because they are local, professional, and employ local porters and guides. On top of that, each local travel agency are fully registered under the Nepalese government and majority of them are based in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

Most importantly, they offer a variety of price options for any trek. For example, the most popular 14 days Everest Base Camp trek ranges from $1200 to $1600 as per the needs of an individual.

Trekking to Everest Base Camp with the local operators like Adventure Great Himalaya, packages the service into 3 Categories: Budget, Standard and the Luxury package. The budget-friendly package costs $ 850 to 1050, the standard package costs $ 1250 to 1500, and the luxury trek costs $ 2400 to 2600. However, the prices may differ from one agency to the next dependent to the services they have to offer.

We are highly recommend to you book your trek with Local,  Booking your adventures with local operator, it means you will  invest  or  helping to  local economics and local communities indirectly

EBC Trek  Cost with International Operator -$ 1400 to $ 1800

Trekking to Everest Base Camp with an international agency is also a great choice. They will serve as an international tour leader and arrange international flights, allowing you to having an easier and comfortable journey.

Booking an EBC Trek with an international agency will cost you between 1400 and 1800 dollars, and the trip price includes the permit, Lukla flight, local guide, porter, and lodge accommodation.

However, most of the international agencies do not provide meals during the entire trip. International agencies manages to hire the local guides and porters and take help of local operators for issuing the trekking permits.

Accommodation Cost

Everest region is one popular trekking regions in Nepal so you won’t have any problem finding hotels, lodges and tea houses along the trail.

The lodges and the tea house in the lower elevations are quite cheaper as the cost for basic accommodation Cost is  US $10 per day. Extra facilities like a hot shower or attached bathroom will cost you more money at the tea houses. if you wish to stay in luxury Lodge, it cost you around 40 to 50 $ per night.

Meals Cost

Most of the tea houses along the Everest Base Camp region offers typical Nepali dish like Dal, Bhat, Curry, and Pickle for dinner. However, you can enjoy a variety of cuisines at standard tea houses in the lower altitude region. You will spend around $25-$30 per day on your Everest Base Camp trek depending on your food choices.

Trekking to all high altitude treks (anything above 3000m), it’s very  important to hydrate more than you would at lower elevations. The recommended intake while trekking is 3-4 litters per day.

Cost Of Drinks :
Tea :   Rs  150  to 250  per cup
Coffee :Rs 150 to 300 Per cup
Hot Lemon
with Ginger Honey – Rs 350 -450 Per Cup
Bottle of water: Rs 250 to 300 per cup
Hot Chocolate : Rs 250 to 350 per cup
Hot water:  Rs 20 to 100 per glass

Everest Base Camp Trek Guide Cost

Guides are an important part of the trek to make your Everest Base Camp trek Expedition successful. The professional Guide  makes your trek safe and easy .

The cost  for the Local guide ranges from USD$400 up to $600. It is a wise investment because the expertise of the guides in the field will only ensure your safety on the Everest Base Camp trek.

 Sherpa porter Cost

Porters are a core part of the Everest Base Camp trek because they will assist you with your luggage to the destination. A porter is only allowed to carry up to 20kg of equipment or luggage. A proper porter will cost you around from USD$150-400 for the entire trip. However, you must understand the porters are only meant to carry your luggage and not meant to guide you.

Everest Base Camp Trek – Permit Cost

You will need 3 types of permits to explore the area on the Everest Base Camp trek . The permits like TIMS, Sagarmatha National Park entry permits. and Local Government Tax

The cost for Sagarmatha National Park permit is ($30) 3000 Rupees as the TIMS Cost $10 and  $ 20 for Local Government Fees. It collection in Lukla.

Lukla Flight Ticket Cost

Tenzing Hillary airport at Lukla is the main gateway to Everest base camp as more than 25,000 trekkers experience the thrilling flight on their destination to Everest Base Camp every year. Travelers are allowed to carry the maximum of 10Kg of luggage and maximum 5kg of hand-carry on their flight to Lukla. You will have to pay $1 extra per kg if you want to carry more than 15kg.

The Flight Ticket is arranged in a two-way flight route so you don’t have to go through the hassle of booking the air ticket again. For most of the foreign travelers, the round way flight to and from Lukla cost around $ 380, for an Indian it cost around INR.29,400 and NRS. 14,400 for Nepali Nationality per person.

EBC Internet Cost 

Many tea houses and lodges provide internet service to hikers at Everest Base Camp. WiFi connectivity is available at various points along the course. Everest Link Hotspots can also be found in some villages, but you may have difficulty finding strong connectivity.

Trekkers can even purchase a WiFi card of 600mbs for up to US$60 for a wireless internet connection. These portable mini cards are quite handy as they provide you access to the internet, making it easy to share information and contact your family.

Using this facility can cost you anywhere from US$5 to US$8 per hour, depending on your location. It usually costs more at higher altitudes since they are more remote and the options are far too limited.

Emergency Helicopter Rescue Cost 

The base Camp trek is often challenging for hikers without experience. It causes them lots of difficulties and inconveniences, including medical problems. Trekkers who needed medical emergency service had to be rescued from the mountain due to failing health.

So, to make the rescue more effective and prevent extreme casualties, we provide emergency helicopter service to travelers. They are available night and day for the assistance of trekkers. They can use them in times of emergency or when it’s urgently needed.

Using the  Rescue Heli  and Medical  Treatment  can cost you up to  US$6,000, so if you’re buying travel insurance, ensure it covers the cost. However, you may notice the difference in price depending on your pickup to and from the destination.

Guide, Porter Tips Cost 

Guides and Porters are the real lifesavers for trekkers of Everest Base Camp. They’ll help you with your luggage, guide you along the way and even take care of your necessities. The porters will ensure you have a smooth and tireless journey throughout the trek.

Although tipping isn’t mandatory, it’s customary in many cases. It’s an essential part of the wage and shows the gratuity of trekkers for their service. Therefore, tipping is expected if the service merits it.

The average tips given to the guides and porters are 10 percent of the cost of your trek. When solo trekking, you must tip the guide  and Porter an equivalent of US$5 to US$8, Per day .

Equipment Cost

Trekking to the Everest Base Camp is not a random decision you take because there are proper planning and appropriate trekking gears you need to consider. Trekking gears are important for the successful journey to the Everest Base Camp and back. So, you must be careful before you buy the necessaries.

Cost of the trekking equipment for the Everest Base Camp trek varies according to your preferences and how much gears you already have. You can buy the necessary equipment and gears from Thamel at around $2,000. Whereas, you can also rent that equipment for around $3-$5 per day.

Travel insurance costs

Everest Base Camp trek takes you through rocky and adventurous terrains. However the thrilling experience might be risky as factors like climate, weather and wind may cause difficulties while hiking. The weather patterns are unpredictable in the Himalayan region so you will never know what befalls upon you while trekking in mountains.

So, you must have proper travel insurance for your trekking expedition in Nepal. The travel insurance cost varies and depends on the cover you need and the activities you will involve in. Normally, 30-day insurance will cost you around $150 as it covers all the emergencies and necessary requirements for up to the height of 6,000 meters.


There are many  Everest Base Camp trek Itinerary. You can spend anywhere between 10 to 25 days during the various types of trek to Everest Base Camp. You can customize your trek to visit other sumptuous places like Gokyo valley or even go to the high passes during the trek.

So the cost of accommodation and food will be dependent upon the number of days you spend there. The same is true of the cost of porters and guides too. Apart from those costs, the other costs during this trek are pretty much the same no matter how many days you spend there.

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