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Muldai View Point Trek


Muldai view Point Trek
Trip Facts
trip altitude
Trekking Duration 4 Days
trip altitude
Maximum Elevation 3663 m
trip altitude
Trek Start / End Pokhara
trip altitude
Grade Easy


Nestled in the Annapurna region of Nepal, the Muldai View Point offers amazing panoramic view of the magnificent Himalayan ranges including the Annapurna range, Mt Dhaulagiri, Mt Machhapuchre, Mt Lamjung, and other surrounding peaks. The Muldai View Point Trek is a 4 days short and sweet trekking package that takes you through the wilderness in the Annapurna region and surprises you with a glimpse of paradise.


Being accessible to all types of trekkers from first-time adventure seekers to experienced ones, this 4 days package is your quick break from the everyday hustle and bustle in the city. This journey is a hidden treasure snuggled in between the magical Annapurna conservation area, taking you through the picturesque villages, delightful landscapes, and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local way of life.


The main highlight of the trek is the Muldai View Point, situated at an elevation of approximately 3,637m. The reward of a panoramic view of more than 25 surrounding peaks remains unbeatable and is a feast for the eyes. Also known as the balcony viewpoint trekking due to the amazing view it offers, the Muldai short trek fascinates trekkers with a unique off-the-beaten-path experience.


The trekking journey begins in the traditional Gurung village of Ghandruk, featuring stone houses and small maze-like alleys. Upon ascending through Ghandruk, the trails take you through lush rhododendron forests blooming in full vibrancy during the Spring season. Throughout the trail, small glimpses of the majestic Himalayas including Annapurna and Mt Machhapuchre add a magic touch to the journey.


From breathtaking views of the mountains to the picturesque view of terraced landscapes and lush green forests; this short trek amuses trekkers with an authentic experience in nature’s wilderness. Giving you the taste of the most preferred region in Nepal for trekking the Annapurna region, the Muldai View Point Trek is an all-in-one package. Our team of professionals at Adventure Great Himalayas is here to guide you and serve you with the best adventure and an authentic experience in nature’s tranquility.


Highlights of Muldai View Point Trek

  • A magically panoramic view of over 25 surrounding peaks, including the infamous Mt Machhapuchre, Dhaulagiri ranges, Annapurna ranges and others.
  • Trek through scenic trails, of oak and rhododendron forests blooming with full vibrancy in Spring.
  • An opportunity to trek in the less beaten path in the Annapurna region, offering a more peaceful experience.
  • An opportunity to interact with the local people, view life from their perspective and indulge in the unique culture.
  • Resting in traditional teahouses and enjoying the local cuisine and warm hospitality.
  • One of the most rewarding experiences for such a short time frame, being achievable for all with normal fitness.


Best time for Muldai View Point Trek

Nepal has four distinct weather patterns throughout the year Spring (March to May), Summer (June to August), Autumn (September to December), and Winter (December to February). Out of the four seasons, Spring and Autumn are considered the peak seasons for trekking in the region, considering its offerings.


The Muldai View Point Trek is completely achievable in all seasons and the best season basically depends on what you, as a trekker, are looking forward to. If you’re looking for an adventurous journey with good challenges, you can embark on the trek during Summer and Winter as well. However, if you prefer a dry season with clear skies and a clear view of the mountains, with lush greenery and pretty landscapes, the Spring and Autumn seasons are the best ones for you! The weather during these two seasons is stable and offers comfortable temperatures to trek. You can also enjoy the vibrancy of the rhododendron forests blooming with full grace during the Spring season.


Difficulty level of Muldai View Point Trek


The Muldai View Point Trek is graded as ‘Easy Moderately ’, being feasible for both beginners and experienced trekkers. Except for some sections of the trail being steep and complicated, the overall package features comfortable trekking hours from 4 to 7 hours.


The trek takes you to an altitude of 3,637m; which can lead to altitude sickness if not planned properly. So, the itinerary should be well planned by professionals depending on the trekkers, in order to avoid such difficulty. Moreover, with respect to the trail conditions and 4 days of walking, it is essential to be reasonably fit and prepared. Thus, with a good amount of physical fitness and proper planning, the Muldai View Point trek is achievable.


Major Attraction of Muldai View Point Trek

Offering the best of the Himalayas with having to invest just 4 days, and needing a normal level of fitness, Muldai View Point Trek has been successful in amusing its visitors. The trails in this trek are not very crowded since not many people are aware of this hidden beauty, which allows you to enjoy nature to yourself and have an exclusive experience. Breathing the Himalayan pure air, while immersing yourself in the authentic local culture and simple way of living, in the lap of the Himalayas; the trek is an all-in-one package that is a major attraction as a whole.

Accommodation in Muldai View Point Trek

Located in the Annapurna region of Nepal, the Muldai View Point Trek is a hidden gem that has been able to attract visitors with its accessibility, remote beauty, rewarding offerings, and unique experience. Upon embarking on this short but amazing trekking package, you can expect to get into the real wilderness in nature, enjoying the serene nature as it is.


The Annapurna region is known to be a ‘teahouse trek’. Likewise, you can expect teahouses as accommodation throughout your trek. Complimenting the remote and untouched beauty in the higher altitude, the accommodations have been operated by the locals with the sole purpose of providing you with a comfortable place to rest. The teahouses will have all the basic amenities needed for your stay.

Muldai Trek Itienrary

Day 1

Drive to Kimche - Ghandruk (1,940m/6,365ft) – Trek to Tadapani (2,600m/8,530ft)

Our journey to Muldai View Point Trek starts from the beautiful city of Pokhara. We leave Pokhara early in the morning by jeep to get to Ghandruk. Ghandruk is a picturesque Gurung village with stone houses and small attractive alleys, located at an elevation of 1,940m. From this traditional village of Ghandruk, we commence our trekking journey to reach Tadapani for the night. The 3-4 hours trek to Tadapani takes you through the lush forests of rhododendrons blooming in Spring. Our destination for the day Tadapani allows us to rest and reenergize in the Himalayan air, with pleasant views.

Walking distance: 3-4 hours (7km) trek
Overnight: Teahouse

Day 2

Trek to Dobato (3,350m/10,990ft)

The second day takes us through the beauty of rich flora and fauna in the Annapurna region. After breakfast in Tadapani, we commence our journey to Dobato for the day. The trails this day take us through oak forests, and picturesque landscapes, along with rhododendron forests in Spring. As a cherry on top, you might as well see some musk deer and foxes if luck favors. With occasional views of the mountains along the way, ascend further to reach Deurali Ridge. A steep upward trail from Deurali Ridge takes us to Dobato, our destination for the day. Dobato is a peaceful stop in our trek, which provides us a comfortable serene accommodation for the night.

Walking distance: 4-5 hours (6.5km) trek
Overnight: Teahouse

Day 3

Visit Muldai View Point (3,637m/11,930ft) – Trek to Ghorepani (2,874m/9,429ft)

The ultimate magical view from the Muldai View Point, our goal of the trek, awaits us on this day. We have an early morning scheduled for this day in order to catch the best view of the sunrise from the most awaited Muldai View Point at an altitude of 3,637m.
Watching the first rays of the sun hit the snow-capped mountains, bringing everything to life, is an experience that words don’t do justice to. The vantage point offers a 360-degree panoramic view of over 25 surrounding peaks, including the infamous Mt Machhapuchre, Dhaulagiri ranges, Annapurna ranges, and others.
After soaking in the majestic beauty, we descend back to Dobato for breakfast. We then leave Dobato in a descending trial to reach Ghorepani for the night.

Walking distance: 4-5 hours (9km) trek
Overnight: Teahouse

Day 4

Trek to Hile (1,480m/4,885ft) – Drive to Pokhara (800m/2,625ft)

With a feeling of accomplishment and a piece of tranquility from the Himalayas, we make our way back to where we started. We gradually descend to Hile at an altitude of 1,480m. We leave Hile in a jeep drive to get to the charming city of Pokhara.

Walking distance: 5-6 hours (13km) trek
Drive: 2.30 hours (52km) drive

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